True Conversation

Pugger #1: Wow, you don’t see dwarf priests much anymore.
Me: Yeah, especially with paid race change going live.
Pugger #2: (the dwarf priest) Yeah, I chose dwarf priest back when we needed fear ward for old Ony.
Pugger #2: (after a few seconds) Wait.. I can change my race?
Me: /facepalm

It’s on like every blog from here to Sunday.. every podcast..
Heck, it’s even on the login screen. I’d think you’d have to work to avoid mention of it.

1 thought on “True Conversation

  1. Well, now ok. I have to say, I’m 99% sure my uncle and cousins don’t listen to podcasts or read any wow blogs. That’s not their style. And I’ll admit that most of the time I don’t read the login screen. But still, you’d think that people would see it on the login at least once. I do read the login screen when the picture changes. 🙂

    And darn…I just rolled a dwarf priest a couple weeks ago.
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..Readers =-.

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