Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • When your hobby starts to feel like work it's time to re-examine your hobby. #
  • Support Child's Play, Donate.. seriously.. give $10 it's not that much & it really does help Then, yes, get a #twibbon #
  • From the side-lines (ie fiancee is playing it, not me) Borderlands looks like a violent comic book with little plot (& lots & lots of guns). #
  • Interesting.. you can add ppl you don't follow to twitter lists. #
  • Feeling that itch again. I want to write about Twitter Lists feature.. and have no where appropriate to post it. #
  • RT: @brigwyn Tomorrow is the last day to get your entry for the ItCameFromTheBlog contest! Send it to: #podcast #
  • Scarffen Berger Milk Nibby chocolate is -by-far- the best imaginable. I am -so- glad I only know 1 place to buy it, 90 mins away from home. #
  • And yes, I'm aware of the delicious irony of -being- Nibs and loving Milk Nibby Chocolate. I loved it -before- I notice the similarity. #
  • "Ring Ring" Listening to Casually Hardcore & they mentioned a ringtone that sounded hilarious. I found it.(@gnomewise) #
  • I concur RT @mikeschramm: I pretty much have to have that pug pet. Don't care how many groups I have to run with. #
  • Two pets do not a micro-transaction basis make. All they've done is cut out the RNG involved in getting the correct card from TCG. #
  • Going off twitter for a while.. obviously I'm too PMS-y to be nice today. #
  • NO! NOT MR BIGGLESWORTH! MUAHAHAHA RT @stoppableforce: …Idly wonder if Lil' K.T. would frostbolt Big K.T.'s pet cat. #
  • Sometimes.. watching your twitterstream.. you can almost see the hair pulling and bitch slapping. #
  • Can open, worms everywhere! #
  • I am on googlewave!! #
  • RT: @TwistedNether Tonight at 8pm PST. TNB, /2, Hunting Lodge and Pugcast Multicast givaway show! Join us and win! #
  • #FF LISTS!! What a good idea Wow-Warlocks… did I miss any? No? You should follow the list! #
  • Are you a WoW DPS warrior expert? Interested in publicity and working on a collaborative project? Contact me #
  • Awwww Jong says the nicest things "..playing ret is like riding a bicycle & playing warlock is like piloting Boeing 757" #
  • OK.. answer me this.. what blogger/forum poster is -the- acknowledged expert in your chosen class/spec? #
  • OMG! You're totally missing it!! Multi-cast give away happening NOW Why aren't you there? #

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