Something Strange in Stranglethorn

Stranglethorn ValeRemember back.. during Blizzcon.. when all the changes were announced? They never mentioned Stranglethorn. Not once. I assumed that’s because it was on the other continent from where Deathwing was coming up out of the ground that he just kind of missed it.

Remember back.. shortly after Blizzcon.. when the Dev’s talked about which zones were being touched.. and how severe the changes were? Again, they never mentioned Stranglethorn. I figured that much like Silithus it was “good enough to leave it as it is”.

Well.. last week posted a picture from the Art Panel at Blizzcon that show which zones are changing, color coded by severity. Even though Stranglethorn is in RED meaning “Major revamp” there hasn’t even been a whiff of a hint about what’s going on down in the Vale.

Heck, even posted “Blizzard indicated that STV would be one of the most overhauled zones” and still, nothing concrete.

I find that curious.. my demony-sense is tingling.. and if I were a betting woman.. I’d say we might see some jumping-up when the Cataclysm comes. Then again, I might be totally wrong.

3 thoughts on “Something Strange in Stranglethorn

  1. I know one of the major things they intend to do is revamp quests… STV has historically the worst questline of all time and there are many that are equally as bad. The major revamp could mostly refer to quest revamps. I hope the geography of the zone isn’t changed as much as other zones but I do hope they fix the issues with the zone. I mean 30-40 questing in the same zone is a bit too much.

  2. And here, I like STV. Not all the quests, but I never like ALL the quests in a zone. And I hated the run from north to south, that I made MANY times. But still, I like the zone. I like all the leafy, foresty, jungley zones. If I really took my healthy paranoia to the highest level, I’d start to think Blizzard was out to destroy every zone I truly liked. But I’m not that paranoid…or am I?
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  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here.

    I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about the gnomes retaking Gnomeregan in Cataclysm. It seems kind of odd to me, since then there’d be two capital cities within walking distance of one another, but stranger things have happened. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that this happens.

    But what about WoW’s other itinerants – the Darkspear Trolls?

    In the ‘vanilla’ timeline, the Darkspear have been driven out of the Echo Isles by a piddly little mage and his quickly-respawning followers. However, the ancestral homeland of the Darkspear?

    Stranglethorn Vale. The Darkspear used to be part of the Gurubashi Empire before a bunch of internal strife split them apart. Perhaps it’s time for the Darkspear to reclaim their tribal home – Zul’Gurub.

    (And this line of thinking is why I’ve been hitting ZG on every raid lock cooldown to try and get the mounts.)
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