The Little Things

little_thingsThere are 1,001 HUGE things the Blizz could implement. I get dazzled just thinking about things like Guild Housing, Path of the Titans, Guild leveling and such. But sometimes.. I wish they’d just implement some little things from my want list. They’re not huge.. they’re just.. missing.. and annoying.

Nib’s little want list:
– Let me re-order my toons on the login screen. It’s nice to see the order that they were created.. but annoying that my long-neglected alt is at the top of the list instead of one I actually play.
– Show % of rested xp on the login screen. Nice to know when picking which alt to give face time.
– Allow me to “dismount” from a taxi mid-flight. It happens to me all the time.. you choose a flight point and click it.. and 2 second later you realize you chose the wrong one.. or change your mind. Gimme a parachute and drop me to the ground it’s ok. I’m ok with that.. but give me a way to get off this crazy ride. Yes, I know I can logout/log back in.. but I’d really like to be able to dismount.
– Account vaults. I should not have to have a guild-of-one. I should be able to “buy” an account vault and use that for storage for all my toons on one server. Yes, I’m totally aware that making it work cross-faction/cross-server probably isn’t ok.. that’s fine. But just being able to access my vault from all my toons on -this- faction on -this- server would be an epic win.
– Allow me to add a comment when I accept/decline an invite on the in-game calendar.
– Ability to adjust the in-game calendar to my timezone.
– Ability to see all in-game calendar events for all of my characters on whichever character I’m currently using. Ideally this would work cross-faction/cross-server. I just want to be able to see it regardless of which character I’m on so I don’t miss an event.
– Ability to queue for LFG on my main while playing on my alt. (this may not be such an issue with the LFG features coming in 3.3)
– Ability to add game calendar events to my Google calendar automatically.
– Ability to “listen” to my main gchat while logged into my alts. Heck, while we’re at it, I’d like to be able to “listen” to gchat while I’m not logged into the game.

What about you? What little thing do you think is missing?

9 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Love the account vault idea. Too often I have to logout and go to my “bank” toon to grab something off that character. A vault would allow my bank to grab the items, sell them, then send the gold back. Across faction would be devistating to the cross-faction economy though. It would only be a short time until people created alliance/horde toons simply to get all the cooking recipes and pets from the other side for their mains.

    Not so ‘little’, but I’d love to be able to send out of game messages to my toons in game. Say logon to Wow-Armory and compose a message from my main to a guildie. “You asked me to remind you to cut the Runed Cardinal Ruby today. Reminder served…” Great for doing the research while um, working to pay the bills.
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  2. Love the account vault idea!

    Also need a tabard/RP clothes closet! I’d love a spot to keep all my holiday clothes and items without tying up my bank that way.
    .-= Askevar´s last blog ..In-Game Goals =-.

  3. I agree. Thankfully, Blizzard is moving in many of these directions. See

    “The reality that some players play many characters regularly is something we are trying to embrace more and more. We are putting more emphasis on your account and less on your actual character, so we hope to chip away at those moments where you feel punished for being on character A instead of character B.”
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  4. oh i would really like to be able to buff while mounted or flying…i can’t see a reason for not letting us do that. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

  5. Some nice ideas there – lets hope Blizzard sees this!

    I too have a long neglected alt at the top of my character list. It bothers me as well. And the Account Vault is a great idea. After all, its only letting you do what you actually do anyway, but without the relogging.

    There is an addon that can help with one of those. Altaholic is my new best friend. Among its many useful features (I can search all of my characters talents/abilities/bags/achievements) it lets you see the calendar for all of your characters. In the vein of the Account Vault, it also monitors the mail on all of your characters and warns you if one is about to run out.
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