Musings about the Faction Champions AI

First, go read this: Faction Champions AI Behavior: A Definitive Analysis

Now if you read that, either a) you’re bored because you’d already read it or b) you’re intrigued about what it implies for your class and hope the conclusions there are based on solid testing and anxious to put them to the test.

Me, I’m excited. In one (long) article Joanadark laid out why it is the Faction Champs hate me and go out of their way to gank me AND gave me ideas about how to cut down on this.

In general:
– Keep your distance. When they chase you, run. Stay away from them.
– Keep your health up
– Keep Indistructible potion (for melee FC) and Flask of Lesser Resistance (for caster FC) on hand to drop aggro in an emergency.

As the Raid Leader:
– I’m intrigued by the idea that if you focus the pet with a few of your dpsers then you’ll be able to tie up the FC healers for a while. The pet (especially hunter’s pet) automatically has the lowest health pool.. so if the logic described is correct, it should be easy to keep the FC healers focused on the pet for good while and -then- start CCing them when they start switching to the -actual- DPS target.

As a warlock:
– Change from Fel Armor to Demon Armor for the armor boost.
– Tap as little as possible. More tapping gives me more threat.
– If I get aggro from a melee FC I can drop it by popping away from them to my demon teleporter (getting distance), or by popping Demon Armor (which I should have already had up) or by eating a cookie (and having higher health).
– If I get aggro from a caster FC use my shadow protection (maybe just raising one resistance will be enough to drop aggro).

I’m not a tree.. but I find it interesting to note that the article suggests that if you’re a tree and you have melee FC aggro you might be able to drop it by shifting to bear and then running to a further out distance.

5 thoughts on “Musings about the Faction Champions AI

  1. Actually, the 100% most interesting thing here is that Blizzard has crafted a much more intricate threat system than they’ve ever had before. After two expansions Blizzard may be hard-pressed to justify using it elsewhere later, but it is still an interesting thing to note.

  2. The pet trick definitely works, at least in regular mode. We usually put two people in 25 man, one with a MS effect if possible, on the pet and it ties up their healers completely.

    We haven’t had a lot of attempts on FC on ToGC, so I can’t say if it works there.

  3. I posted this up to my guild – FC has been giving us issues on and off in ToGC, especially from CCers being wrecked by melee right away (especially our warlock). 🙂

  4. I have a confession to make. I got sick of dying with all the other warlocks in the first 666 seconds of this encounter… so I use my Demo spec here. Soul Link FTW and usually puts me ahead of all clothies (read: mages) so I don’t have to worry about the buggers until later.

    I hate having to change a spec to feel worthwhile, however. At the same time, Night-at-the-Roxbury isn’t so much fun when you’re the meat in the melee sandwich.
    .-= Fulguralis´s last blog ..Ruffled Feathers =-.

  5. For me as a bear tank, I\’m going to be sitting a ways away from the fight and regularly popping into and out of bear form. On top of that, I plan to remove MotW and Shadow Protection from myself to make myself a bigger target for the spellcasters.

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