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Getting in touch with my inner druid

treeformMy baby druid is now level 56. I keep hoping the more I play her that I’ll come up with a compelling reason to level her. I think at this point I’m leveling her because I want to fly like a birdie.. and because I’m fascinated by the -idea- of a druid.

I like the concept of changing my physical shape to fit the circumstances. I like being a white/pink kitty. I love popping into cheetah form to sprint that last couple of feet to catch the boat. Even the evil demon seal form is useful at time. BUT I don’t enjoy druid combat.

Because I’m leveling I’ve spec’d kitty dps. The theory is, if things go bad and I’m kitty dps I can root whatever I’m fighting, back up a few paces, pop out to night elf form and heal myself and then get back into the fight. If I were leveling balance then I wouldn’t have that spare mana. It’s a good theory.. but unfortunately I just don’t like the methods of cat dps.

On my warlock I know what to cast when. I know what button I’m hitting next and usually I have a count down based either on the cooldown of a spell or the GCD and know when to hit that button. I only hit my casts once. It’s very rhythmic.

In kitty dps I start off with mangle.. and then.. um that other dot.. and then (if I have enough energy) claw. Usually I’m waiting for energy to build up.. so instead of three spell casts separated by GCD I get two spell casts.. and then I start spamming the claw button because I don’t know when it’ll be availlable to cast again. It’s kind of annoying. I really don’t like being spammy. I’ve tried timing the spells.. but then I spend all of my time staring at the button waiting for it to light up. I just.. meh.. do not like.

So I’m going to guess that at “endgame” I won’t be playing a kitty druid. I don’t like tanking so I also won’t be playing a bear druid. I have my warlock.. so I really don’t see the point to play a boomkin.. which leaves me with tree druid.

I’m conflicted about the tree druid. First off the form is U G L Y and so scowl-y. I suppose I could get past that. I am a little bit interested in trying out healing as a druid.. I’m just not sure if I want to dps past 20 more levels for something that I may possibly maybe find kinda interesting.

Ah well.. regardless I’m going to level her to 60. I wanna be a birdie. That will happen at least.

8 thoughts on “Getting in touch with my inner druid

  1. Playing a boomkin is totally different than playing a warlock. I play both and love both differently.

    I find that questing, doing dailies and such is MUCH easier on my druid than it is on my warlock. However, instancing is MUCH easier on my warlock. The play styles are so different that even though they are both casters, you don’t get the overlapping feeling at all.

    Tree healing is a blast. Not only is it really easy to learn how to do, but we are so OP at this point that you will be in demand.

    Plus flight form is so awesome! Almost makes me want to level another druid just so I can have another birdie.
    .-= Millea´s last blog ..Night Owls FTW =-.

  2. Have you tried healing in BGs? It’s not the same as healing instances and raid healing, of course, but it is a kind of healing and it might give you some idea of whether or not you like healing as a druid.
    .-= Albyll´s last blog ..Is It Too Easy? =-.

  3. Actually the second you learn Mangle you should take Claw off your bars forever after. It took me a while to fall into a good feeling as feral while leveling but it eventually boiled down to something absurdly simple.

    Mangle first, then Rake because Ferocious Bite has a higher chance to crit if your targets are bleeding and because it builds another combo point. If Tiger’s Fury is off cooldown, hit it for insta-energy if properly specced and then pop Ferocious Bite. The target should be dead after this in most cases. Otherwise, toss in another Mangle or so.
    .-= Shayzani´s last blog ..New Rules – 11/17/09 =-.

  4. My thoughts entirely actually, kitty dps and bear tanking is too boring. Though eventually I’ll go back and level my druid for the money and also to be my herbalist/alchemist.
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..A New Project =-.

  5. I’m kinda with you on the Druid. I rolled a druid first time out, got to level 20, and went over to a rogue and a priest. (The priest stuck.) I have probably started a druid 5 times over. I just can’t stick with it. I don’t know why. I was so jazzed at the idea of the druid, because I love Celtic stuff. I even have historical books on druids. But the WoW druids, they just don’t do it for me. But I keep trying.
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..Ten Thought Tuesday =-.

  6. I have a level 80 mage and a level 71 druid and have pretty much the same observations…

    You could wait for the new lfg system and try healing some dungeons at your current level. Then you can find out if you like healing and if it will be worth leveling over.

    If you do decide to level, you might try a balance/resto hybrid (don’t need boomkin form if you don’t like it). Innervate every 3 minutes means you never really run out of mana. Clearcasting pops and you can drop a regrowth on yourself for free. Most importantly, you’re on the mana system, so you aren’t held back waiting for your “combat resources” to resupply.

  7. When leveling, it was Pounce > Mangle > Shred > Mangle (or another shred if I could somehow fit it in) > FB > dead mob. You might find that things go faster this way. And keep Tiger’s Fury up as much as possible.

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