Through a keyhole darkly

keyholeWhile listening to Rawrcast I heard Stomp say that she’s “grinding exalted with the running circles in Dalaran boss”. I’m aware of that boss. I know of people who do that.. they hang out in Dalaran waiting for someone to pick them up from LFG so they can “have fun”. Later in the show Hafrot mentioned that he’s grinding Rep with Zandalar.. and Stomp responded that she “didn’t have time for that”.

Wait a minute. Step back. Stomp’s running circles in Dalaran.. and doesn’t have time for other rep grinding. Really? What’s going on here?

When your game consists of nothing but maximizing your gear set, running raids and gathering phat lootz (which you then have to gem and enchant) the game becomes very thin. In that game view point the world could consist of only Dalaran, 20′ around each summoning stone, Ulduar, ToC and Onyxia’s Lair. It’s a tiny little world. The edges might extent to including an Auction House.. but other than that.. the rest of the world might as well not exist.

I wouldn’t buy a game where the world consisted of only that.. but for some reason after working ourselves up we end up confining ourself to that. I can see how it would be very easy to get bored with that world. It’s a tiny little boring world.

Why would you happily confine yourself to the the world of running circles in Dalaran when there’s a whole other world out there… there’s TONS of things to do.. what is preventing us from doing them?

Well, when I leave that little tiny world I run the risk of “missing out”. If I play an alt then I can’t queue up for things on my main. When I leave Dalaran and farm herbs/skins/ore (if I have one of those tradeskils) or do quests I have to leave /trade. Regardless of what anyone else says about /trade.. it’s usually entertaining if only for the ability to ridicule the idiots chatting in it.

Sometimes doing stuff outside the city is just boring. I’m currently playing my baby druid.. and if there’s nothing going on in gchat it can be a long silent time out in the wild of Azeroth.

I almost wish I was on an RP server. Deep down in my heart I have a feeling that adding RP would make even the circles in Dalaran more interesting.

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  1. I have a 2-something shamaman on an RP server. I didn’t choose it for the RP factor, I simply selected it since I had some friends there. I was immediately invited in to their guild, and thought, “Oh cool… I can RP, right?” I even asked about it in gchat. They told me I could if I wanted, but they didn’t really RP much. Albeit I’m still in the leveling zones, but still… haven’t ever seen anything RP-ish about that server. Who knows? Maybe it’s just me.
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  2. I keep a stable of alts to keep me from running the track they call Dalaran. I get one to the point that my guild is at, then turn to the next. I have multiple professions to level, different goals for each character, and of course, even at 80 there is the gear grab we all have to do! This keeps me more than busy.

    My horde guild usually stagnates during the summer months right until about Thanksgiving of the year. When this happens, I have my alliance porjects. This year, my project was on the Shadowsong server, and all my projects will fall there from now on.

    With both sides of the fence at 80, there is still a lot to see and do! I’ll toss my jogging shoes into the bank for now. I don’t think the other joggers will miss me…
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  3. I’m fairly certain that no one can claim there’s “nothing to do” in WoW – unless you’re Vosk, that is.

    Perhaps the more pertinent point to be made from all this is, “What’s left to do in the game that isn’t a mind-numbing grind?” Although Stompalina obviously does have the time to do more than AFK in Dalaran, are there achievements yet to be had for her that are any more interesting? Is grinding rep with the Zandalar Tribe any more rewarding than doing barrel rolls in the Dalaran sewers? Maybe. For many though, I suspect that ticking off items in ye olde nerd point list doesn’t rank very high on the “what I’d like to get out of WoW” list. As you essentially stated, the allure of WoW for many is the chance to go fight new bosses, obtain new loot and improve their playstyle: in short, raiding. If raiding is your game, so to speak, the other trivial minutiae WoW offers isn’t very fun at all.

    Now, I’m not trying to diminish playing alts or racking up as many achievement points as possible, but increasingly, it feels as though those little “side items” are things being added to the game in order to distract players from a lack of new and different content. More and more, the game seems to be less of a worthwhile time investment and more a system devised to facilitate busywork and instant loot gratification.

    I wrote a post about this months and months ago (that never got published) called “Why, in the end, RP will win.” Ultimately, the folks who are going to be the “most” satisfied through and through are the RPers – they’re “making” their own fun within that limited world. It’s a shame there’s such a crazy stigma associated with it, and that it’s seemingly difficult to break into. I’ve played (incidentally) on two RP servers over the course of my “WoW career,” and I’m not sure I ran into any RP on either of them.

    When the game exists in such a state that it’s nearly impossible to be surprised by anything anymore (unless you live in a hole, I suppose), it’s difficult to get excited.
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  4. I play a lock, any RP would probably be brooding in the dark, by myself plotting the worlds eminent destruction (at my hands of course!).

    Personally, I find that most of the fun in WoW happens when I am off to do something else. Sit myself in LFG, then run off to do fishing daily, or maybe picking up some posies for mats. In inevitably, I’ll be automatically invited to some run. If that fails,

    I have really started enjoying participating in Wintergrasp (lock on a tank ftw)! Heck, may even consider trying out the other pvp portions..
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  5. Having played on an RP server since the beginning of the Burning Crusade I feel pretty confident in saying that being on an RP server would not change your experience in the slightest. The only real and tangible difference between RP servers and non-rp servers is the rule about not having silly names.
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