Pugnacious Pally

paladin_healingI’ve decided to play and gear up my Paladin a bit. Don’t be alarmed.. my first love is all things Warlockery.. but sometimes the group just needs a healer.. and I feel bad having one.. but not having her properly geared.

Wednesday night I shuffled her gear around and made sure I had as many of the BOE/Badge purchasable gear upgrades (gemmed and enchanted) as I could. Mostly Tatia’s in Naxx-10 gear with a smattering of other gear.

Last night I logged in with the intention of running the heroic daily.. and maybe a H-ToC if I could get one in. After a few minutes of asking in guild (where there seemed to be a general lack of interest) I notice a group asking in /trade for a healer for ToC-10.

Now.. technically I’m probably undergeared for ToC.. but I know the fights.. and I’m willing to give it a try. The raid leader initially asked me to link achievements.. but I didn’t have the achievement on this toon.. so I told him that I only had the achievement on my main. He threw me an invite anyway. It was a smooth run. We had one wipe on the worms (too many people standing too close together got smooshed by a fireball), but other than that, we one shot the place. In fact, I was even able to get the [salt and pepper] achievement for Tatia. I’m saddened that I have that on my Pally alt and not on my ‘lock main. It’s a good thing those bosses drop emblems.. because they were terribly stingy with the plate upgrades. Full clear of ToC-10 with 0 upgrades.

As an aside, Faction Champions are a lot easier as a pally. I spent most of the fight casting cleanse or cursing that I’d been silenced. I never even came close to getting aggro or dying. It was .. almost pleasant.

The group broke up and I got back to Dalaran and joined LFG for the heroic daily (Utgarde Keep). Very quickly I got into a group.. but had some initial angst when the tank asked what the “new” defense cap was.

Despite this (and VERY VERY low dps in the group)(the DPSing DK did 1200 dps.. and was -below- the DK tank) we made it through Utgarde Keep with minimal fuss. No upgrades there.. though I think I did get a couple of shards out of it. Oh.. and two emblems from the Heroic daily.

I hearthed back to Dalaran and almost immediately jumped into a 25 group. It turns out they were going to Ulduar. We smashed through Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT and finally Ignis. On Ignis I had a -really- hard time keeping up on the healing. This group tanked it in a HUGE square so I spent most of the time out-of-range of most of the raid while I chased after the OT (my heal target).

It wasn’t until after the raid, when I’d hearthed back to Dalaran, that I noticed that I’d forgotten to change clothes after the Flame Leviathan fight.. so I’d done the whole run in Ulduar in my highest ilvl gear.. which is a mix of Heal and Tank gear.. with a few of my frost resist pieces thrown in. I really did /facepalm IRL. I still came in as the #2 healer overall.. but I was really struggling.. much more than I’d struggled in ToC.

I believe I did end up picking up a ring upgrade. I’ll need to remember to enchant that.

Overall.. if this is a healer’s life.. I’ll never lack for anything to do. It’s not horrible.

3 thoughts on “Pugnacious Pally

  1. funny that your healer’s name is Tatia, which is my healer’s name. 😀

    Yeah I found that healing took over so much of my time that I started to forget how to play my warlock. Now that I don’t have to heal so much, I find myself missing it.

    Healing & lock dps seems to be a good match up.
    .-= Millea´s last blog ..Screenshot Friday =-.

  2. I guess I need to roll a Holy Pally… As a life long caster (mage before discovering the world of Lockery), I hate melee. I really long for something a little different, but not to different.

  3. Tatia was my first toon at endgame. Initially I chose pally because I liked being able to heal myself..and plate seems like a good idea so as to die less.

    Really the pally is a melee class except for when healing (at least now). So in leveling you will be meleeing. It’s a nice change of pace.

    At endgame I enjoy healing.. and I’m OK with tanking/dpsing.. but really.. yeah, I like casters better.

    Maybe you should consider a priest (even though they’re squishy).

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