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recountdpsRecount is a DPS meter. I’m sure there are others around.. but Recount seems to be the #1 choice.

When you install recount it will begin watching as you fight and record how much healing/damage/cleansing you/your party/your raid does.

By default on my Warlock when I’m out of combat (I hide recount when I’m in combat) I normally display the damage done screen. This screenshot is showing the total damage done (and average DPS) of our Ulduar-10 group. In this case I’m showing all the damage up to this point (including trash). Oh.. darn, look at that.. I choose a screenshot that has me on top.. I wonder why 😛 Note that the highest DPSer doesn’t always have the most damage done (the druid did more DPS than the rogue in the #3 spot.. but did less damage overall).


recount_toc_AnubHere’s a screenshot from a recent TOC-10. On the left is the overall data from the run. By clicking on the icon of paper on the top bar of the disply I popped open the menu and chose to limit the data (on the right) to show only the Anub’arak fight. See how the positions have changed?

recount_deaths Recount has ALOT of features.. and even better than that, it has a lot of features most people don’t know about.

My favorite feature by far is found on the “Deaths” screen. The normal death screen is kind of boring (who died how many times {yawn}).. but if you click over to “Death Details” and then click on someone’s can dig into their last moments of life.. you can answer the question “What killed you?”.

See here:
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, BAM I’m dead. Turns out I was too close to the worm when he popped up out of the ground and he melee one-shot me.

Recount will also show: who’s targeting/killing what, who’s cleansing, who’s healing whom for how much and tons and tons of information. Oh and it has a very sexy real-time DPS tracker (it’s sexy.. but mostly it’s eyecandy and I’ve never found it terribly useful).

BUT recount can also be a resource sucking pig. So if you find that you’re lagging a lot in raid combat, try turning it off. That may free up some resources. If you have to do that.. I highly recommend World of Logs.

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  1. Writing a /combatlog also has an effect on your systems performance so if you have a bad connection that might also not be for you.

    Then, never look at total damage done. That’s not very interesting because it just favors AE classes on trash. You should only look at the damage done to the bosses.

    I like the break down which spell did how much damage which might help you in some talent or glyph decisions. For destro locks you can see how much damage you did with Immolate+Conflagrate and how much you did with Incinerate and then calculate if you prefer the glyph with 10% more damage to Immolate+Conflagrate or 5% more damage to Incinerate. They are close together and a set bonus or play style might favor one or the other.

    Plus, the dps number of recount is not really important. Only the damage done to a boss counts. A player with high dps but low total damage was just standing around idle during the boss fight, or was dead. Neither is very useful. In the end the boss has a specified amount of health on you have to reduce it to 0.

  2. I used the DPS meters to compare spell rotation with another better DPSing lock. It helped to see where he got most of his DPS and what spells he never cast or got any damage on.

    Love the additional information on recount, that would have been really helpful the other night running hTOC and see why we all died on the Black Knight.

    Any other pages in Recount that you use regularly?
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Excellent Auction house add-in guide =-.

  3. Thank you for the tip regarding death details. I’ve often had people (sometimes myself) dying in raids or instances and wondering what the heck just happened, but the combat log is flying past too fast for me to figure it out. This will help a lot in these situations, I think.

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