Turkey Time

cooked turkeyOn second attempt (on a different toon, at a different time) the “Turkinator” achievement isn’t as easy as it was the first time.

The first time I did the achievement on Lilac at about 1am PST. So there wasn’t -any- competition. With subsequent attempts on other toons the competition has been frustrating. Blizz needs to figure out a way for us to do stuff like this (turkey killing, egg gathering, etc) without having one person’s goal spite everyone else’s goal.*** As it is, turkey killing favors whoever has the instant spell with the longest range.

My first attempt on my baby mage (37) was a bust.. I ended up getting around 100 turkeys to cook.. but didn’t manage to get the achievement. I think most of that was because I chose a time that was too early in the night. There was a lot of competition and even when I’d get on a hot streak I’d lose it before getting to the end.

The macro is still good (/target wild turkey /cast {instant spell}) but sometimes, especially when there was competition, I had a hard time spotting what turkey had been targeted.. so I’d lose time running almost in circles looking for that targeted turkey. There was no fix for this on my mage.. but on my hunter I’d hit the macro to target something.. and then hit my “Send pet” macro. That would send my pet running off towards the turkey (telling me which direction I needed to go). Right after I got the direction I’d call my pet back to my side so it didn’t kill the turkey.

I hadn’t realized it at first.. but Harvest Festival is -fantastic- for leveling your cooking. I managed to go from 1 to 350 cooking on my baby mage (due in part to the excess of turkeys gathered) for about 15g and in about 2 hours. I did the same thing on my baby hunter and got her to 325 before I ran out of turkeys on her. I still have turkeys on my mage.. but the uncooked turkeys are “conjured items” so I can’t send them through the mail.. I’ll have to arrange to have someone help me to hand them off. I figure I’ll do this on my shaman (11) and druid (57). It’s too bad I’m hella poor on the other servers where I have toons.. I just won’t be able to afford to use this opportunity there.

Nib’s quick Harvest Festival cooking guide:
Goto Stormwind/Undercity
Buy the Harvest Festival cookbook
Train Apprentice Cook (1)
Learn spice bread
Learn Spice Bread Stuffing
Cooking skill 1-100 make 3-4 stacks of stuffing
Train Journeyman Cook (50)
Learn Pumpkin Pie
Cooking skill 101-160 make 3 stacks of pie
Train Expert Cook (125)
Learn Cranberry Chutney
Goto Ironforge/Ogrimar
Cooking skill 161-220 make 3 stacks of cranberries
Train Artisan Cook (200)
Learn Candied Sweet Potato
Goto Darnassus/Thunder Bluff
Cooking skill 221-280 make 3 stacks of sweet potato
Learn slow-roasted Turkey
Goto Dalaran cooking trainer
Cooking skill 281-350 make 4-5 stacks of slow-roasted Turkey
Train Master Cook (300)
Train Grand Master Cook (350)

***From the land of what if:
What if for T-day you were given a WAND and for the first part of the achievement chain you had to use the want to turn yellow critters in Elwynn Forest INTO turkeys and for the second part of the achievement chain you had to KILL the created turkeys.. and .. and have it alternate.. so some ppl are in part A and other are in part B.. but no one is in both parts at the same time. That way you’re only in competition with half of the population.. and players are encouraged to work together on the achievement.

4 thoughts on “Turkey Time

  1. Although I could have used the zapped turkeys, I didnt loot them as the few seconds needed to loot them seemed to sometimes be the two seconds I needed to get the next one and I didnt have the 100 turkeys. Also if you can make Tracken Treats ( I think that is the name)a non hunter can track animals.

    Good luck

  2. The holiday achievements are all about shoving PvP down your throat and encouraging grieving. The turkeynator is just some kind of same faction PvP. And, of course, these achievements are always easier if you’re a druid, hunter or mage. They just have the best instants and movement increasing effects. They are the perfect grieving classes. πŸ™‚

    The holiday achievements are all no fun and stupid.

    But at least they are learning. This holiday we don’t have a stupid 5 min cooldown on the item to turkey rogues. These 5 minutes were annoying on the bunny ears. πŸ™‚ Of course, that doesn’t make the achievement fun.

    What I liked about the egg collection was, that every class was on even footing. Everyone had the speed increase basked and you had to pickup the egg by clicking on them. Your shiny spells did not give you an advantage (only latency did :-).

  3. I tried Turkinator in Elwynn first but failed several times and gave up. After that I thought to give it a go in Tirisfal Glades instead and woah how easy it was. South of Scarlet Monastery is a large field full of turkeys. And unlike Elwynn it’s very open area. Not so much trees etc to block your view. Also turkeys don’t blend in so well with the spiders and bats so they’re easy to spot. Anyway, got the achievement done on first try and can’t recommend the spot enough. πŸ™‚
    .-= Darkpurple´s last blog ..What I don’t like in Balance Druid =-.

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