Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Green Proto-drake! Woot! #
  • Guildie responded: "The Oracle's souls are caverns of lies. I'm not buying more eggs, fuck'm" when asked if he had green protodrake. #
  • Support @azerothUnited HHV Charity Raffle. Donate $10 to support a great cause AND win fabulous prizes #
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Will shelter in place. BBIAB #
  • I will say.. I'm glad I'm not a rogue during this holiday. #
  • New MC Post: Addon: Recount #dpsmeter #sexynumbers #
  • Stealthed TURKEY! Must see! RT @Xanedris: my rogue looked awesome and very sexy as a stealthed turkey yesterday! #
  • THE CAKE IS A LIE!!! RT @Warcraft: – It’s Coming – 11/25 #
  • Aspartame, heated to 106F breaks down and becomes a neurotoxin that causes brain cancer. Aspartame kills your brain. Just say no. #
  • #iblamesyrana that more ppl don't know why they should blame Syrana. For every "blame", sponsors will donate to #
  • Really I blame @brigwyn.. but if there needs to be a warlock/hunter holy war.. sign me up.. oh.. and #iblamesyrana #
  • Hunters say they want to "tame" druids.. what a bunch of hooey.. really they want to be dominated by warlocks. Go ahead @brigwyn deny it. #
  • For @brigwyn go ahead deny it. #
  • T-day Cupcakes (via @syrana) (for @alachia) #
  • RT @Syrana: @brigwyn It's ok to love your pets, but not to LOVE your pets. #
  • RT: @TwistedNether Who is joining us on the PTR in 1 hour? #
  • I LOL'd RT @Arrens [wrt Ony whelpling] Apparently when it deep breaths, it sets off Deadly Boss Mods raid warning. 0.o #
  • Visit your guild website & pretend you're LFGuild.. Can you find info recruits care about? What time do you normally raid? What loot sytem? #
  • Open question: Why don't you use your guild's website? What could they do to make it better? #warcraft #guildrelations #
  • Remember the QQ last year when the Winter Veil Achievement required max leveled cooking? TA-DA EZMode cooking leveling for T-day. #
  • For @brigwyn #
  • Sucks to be rogue this week RT: @SeriouslyCasual So, I logged in, and before I could even see my toon, I was a turkey. #
  • New MC Post: More Harvest Festival Holiday observations: #
  • Epic Guild website from a guild on my server. LOVE the "kill shot" pictures. #
  • i #
  • Happy T-day all 🙂 We're driving to visit family bearing ~14 lbs of smoked brisket (MMMM) and spinach dip. Counting my blessings! #
  • RT @AzerothUnited: Support @CPCharity by contributing to @AzerothUnited's HHV for Child's Play! Visit ENDS DEC 13th! #
  • If Dalaran is the city of the mages & mage's can make portals.. why did they bother to add a portal room? Seems redundant. Silly Mages. #

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1 thought on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  1. Hi I recently watched your video on youtube of your affl lock. I want my UI to look exactly like your. I know it might be time consuming but if you could find the time to tell me exactly what addons and settings you use so it looks like that i would greatly asppreciate it . My UI at the moment is ok put its a little cluttered and sometime hard to see around me so I am practically beggin you to send me that info..

    Thank you very much!
    Shadowtime (Agamaggan server)

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