“Carry Me!!!”

Meet Bob. Bob has a new toon who just turned 80. Bob’s new toon is wearing a smattering of greens and level 74 gear. To Bob it seems silly to enchant/gem his crappy green gear. Bob is in a social casual guild. Bob’s guild is currently raiding ToC and making progress through Ulduar. Bob wants to raid ToC and make…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

I LOL'd RT @TwistedNether: #TNTCast "A LETTER OF RESIGNATION TO THE SONS OF HODIR" (via Mortigan the Lock) http://bit.ly/hodir-resignation # So my baby mage is named "Possibly".. would it be bad to name my baby shaman "Probably"? # Hot Damn! RT @Warcraft: World of Warcraft Paid Race Change is now live! Check it out! #WoW #Warcraft http://bit.ly/1QsebH # MUTEX sux.…

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