How I became GM of an unnamed guild.

guild_logo_sideMy guild that I’ve been in since the day that I joined WoW went BOOM about 3 weeks ago. It happened for many reasons.. let’s leave it at the fact that it happened. The outcome is that <West Kingdom> is now styled as a “Social guild” with no set raiding schedule.

I want a set raiding schedule. I want to raid. So did some others. So we pulled our main raiding toons out and formed a new guild <USSR>(Uber Super Secret Raiders). For various reasons we have only been able to do 2-3 raids since the new guild formed (though in those two raids we did see progression.. finally). During that time toons have begun to trickle away and /gquit from <USSR>. Two nights ago the GM of <USSR> promoted someone else to GM and dropped out of the guild. The ex-GM said he wants to be raiding and we weren’t getting it done so he was going elsewhere.

The new GM didn’t want to be GM and handed it over to me.

So here I am, GM of a struggling “raiding” guild with 1 tank, 2-3 healers and a smattering of DPS toons. I spent a day thinking about it.

– I want to raid 25-mans with -my- guild. Not in a pug.
– The earliest I can start raiding is 7:30pm PST (that’s about 3 minutes after I walk in the door from work).
– I want to raid 2-3 night a week. No more.
– I want to have fun with people I like.

After surveying my server (Khaz Modan) I found 2 guilds who fit the progression and timing criteria.

One guild is “Shadow Warlords”. West Kingdom was allied with them in the past.. and I don’t think currently we’re on the best of terms (words were said, tempers flared.. we both went our own ways). Add to that, I dislike the way the Raid Leader/GM treated women in his guild. So that’s not the guild for me.

The other guild is “Killer Bunnies”. They look like they’d be a nice fit.. have a FANTASTIC guild website(esp scrolldown/view the archive of their boss kill shots. I LOLd).. but unfortunately they’re not open for recruiting.

Beyond that.. I -like- the people currently in <USSR>. I want to be able to continue to raid with them.. and joining another guild puts me at that other guild’s mercy. I’d rather drive my own destiny.

So fine.. here I am, new GM of <USSR>. I’m going to make a go of building this guild to be the “guild of my dreams”. After talking with folks in the guild we’ve decided we don’t like the name (lots of negative connotations.. and one guildie says he can’t visit the guild website from work since it refers to USSR.. he works for NASA). So, I’ve asked the guildies to suggest new names for the guild. One way or another we will rename the guild.

After we’ve renamed we’ll begin recruiting. At the moment we’d need at least one tank in order to fill a 10-man raid. We need to recruit beyond that in order to do 25-mans. Our “selling” point is that we’re one of the very few guilds on our server that raids at a “West Coast Friendly” time. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime we’re running heroic 5-mans for badges and achievements.

I’m hopeful. It looks like a lot of work.. but has the potential to pay off.

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  1. Oh good luck. I’ve considered creating my own guild, because I find it hard to believe that I am the only person on my server that could take-or-leave raiding and would really just like to play the game and have fun chats while doing it. But being a GM seems like so much work. I don’t know if I have the energy.
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  2. Good luck! Being a GM in the past I have the utmost respect for people that lead a guild and – in a sense – make their involvement in the game more demanding than others, for the sake of progressing and raiding. Its a tough job but…hey, someone’s got to do it.

  3. I know exactly what you mean by USSR. Before being named Primogeniture, the ex-GM had first created the guild name of Proletariat. They designed a web site with a bunch of hammer and sickles and all that. We had quite a few people gquit on their first visit to the web site. It was pretty much a joke, but people didn’t like it. Understood.
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  4. Cheers and good luck with your attempt! I left my old raiding guild over the summer and have been stuck in a similar situation. Very casual guild, but it’s trying to go into raiding. I have the opposite time issue from you. My server’s PST and so is the guild. I’m EST. So it is quite fun. Currently designing my own HM progression minded one from scratch. And I hope GMing finds you okay. It’s not easy and is arguably the least appreciated experience in WoW, but it has amazing benefits!
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