Gifts for Gamers

giftIt’s that time of year: Christmas/Hanuka/Quanza/Non-Denominational Giving!! So here’s a very short list of ideas for your WoW gamer.

$10+ A donation in their name to Azeroth United HHV Charity Drive. Support a great cause AND give them a chance to win fantastic prizes.

At $10 each, Lil’KT and Pandaran Monks make PERFECT stocking stuffers! Add to that, $5 of the purchase price of the Pandaran Monk will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

$6.50 Blizzard Authenticator. Cheap easy. Good for your account security.
US or Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America
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$19.95 A Richard USB. OMG it’s RICHARD as a 2GB flash USB!! If you don’t read the “Looking for Group” comic you’re really missing out on a treat.

$20 (for Vanilla+BC) World of Warcraft Battle Chest. Start dual boxing now. Get your significant other involved. There’s a rumor that vanilla WoW can be found for $5. Splurge and give it to someone new. Now is the time. It’s super uber cheap.

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  1. those are great, i love the comic, it really is funny. i never thought the battle chest would get that cheap but i think a lot of people are moving to non-monthly mmo’s so they are probably trying to get some people back.

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