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Pugging with gritted teeth

faceplantThe good part about being in a very annoying PUG that faceplants repeatedly on Faction Champions is that I got a lot of time to work on/think about how to handle the fight and more specifically the tree druid.

The pug itself was uber annoying.. no.. wait..the pug was fine.. the people running it were annoying.. I bet they were all of 18 years old.. and spend a vast amount of time making snide comments in Vent about how bad everyone else in the run was. <Sarcasm> they were -TRULY- an inspiration.. I only hope I can someday be as ROFLLEET as them.. and woo their gears were pretty.. I just wanted to stand and gaze at them in mute admiration.</Sarcasm> No wait.. I don’t.. I wanted to kick them so hard they landed on another server. /sigh.. unfortunately I attributed my animosity to PMS and took the quiet but greedy route of staying in the pug even when the asshats were pissing me off.

But anyway.. back to the helpful lessons learned.

Pull one I remembered to change to my Destro/Demo PVP spec and use Demonic Link.. but forgot to change armor.. with 20k life and Fel Armor I’m still a very tasty treat.. so I spent most of my fight running from the melee.

Pull two I remembered to change to Demon Armor. This went better.. but still ended up spending a lot of the time running from the melee.

Pull three-five I finally remembered that I had a special set of armor (labeled “high stamina”) that boosted me from 20k health to 24k health. At this point I could almost stand next to the melee and they’d ignore me. It made the rest of the fights much easier.

I don’t PVP.. so.. the whole “Diminishing Returns” thing is kind of new to me. With Diminishing returns my Banish will work for 8 seconds, 4 seconds, 1 second and then not at all until 15 seconds have passed. SO.. with CCing the tree druid I finally figured out how to bounce back/forth from banish to fear to get the most CC.. and tie the druid down most of the time.

I set the tree druid as my focus and then banished him 3 times.. then I feared him 3 times (8+4+1=~13) then I went back to banishing. There were a few seconds of sluff in there.. where I just couldn’t do anything to it.. but for the most part I just sort of followed the druid around and stuck as close to/in range of him as I could and kept him locked down. Since I was using my focus for this I was able to keep a CC target and do some dps on the kill target. Not much.. I really suck as a destruction warlock.. my fingers kept trying to use CoA and Corruption.. but unfortunately the buttons were set for immolate, conflag, chaos bolt etc. Eventually we muddled through and got the champs down.

So warlocks: on the tree druid(or fel hunter I suppose) Banishx3, fearx3, repeat. More important to stay alive and keep your target CCd than to top the damage meters.
Everyone else: Dispells, Cleanses, Interrupts > damage done.

On the guild front: So far so good. Good participation from the guildies suggesting new names for the guild. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to rename by Friday and start recruiting next week.

Current suggested new guild names:(in order they were suggested)
Lilac’s Minions
Learn To Play
Novus Suscipio (latin for new beginning)
Midnight Raiders
Dalaran Salvage Co.
Alter Egos
Surf Nazzis Must Die
Zombie Head On A Stick
Prosperare (Latin: “Cause to succeed, render happy”)
Animus Rapio (latin for soul stealers)
Perceptum Ludo (latin for learn to play)
Oddly Minions
Dont stand in fire
Window Lickers
Cerno (latin for “to perceive, to separate, sift, distinguish, decide, determine”)
Uber (because we are)

I’m kind of partial to Minions (Warlock appropriate), Shiny (for it’s stealth Firefly/Serenity reference), and Akimbo (nice sounding word.. and I like the mental image). Any good suggestion from you Intarwebz?

8 thoughts on “Pugging with gritted teeth

  1. Don’t forget about your puppy, you can spell lock after the fear DR while you wait for your banish to come back up.

  2. Could be wrong, since I’m not a PVP expert, but believe all CC that’s affected by DR is on a 6s/3s/1.5s/(immune) timer, with a 15s timer to reset DR. Since you have 2 CC’s that work on the tree, you’ve just got to find something to cover the few seconds wher it goes immune to both. Deathcoil or shadowfury can work, so can felhunter (though I find it’s MUCH better to keep felhunter on current kill target for devours). IMHO, the druid is less threatening then the shammy healer, if you have a good purger/dispeller. I find that most pugs fail at FC’s due to shammy healing/healing stream totem.
    .-= Alaron´s last blog ..Some thoughts on Emblems for feral druids =-.

  3. If you have a good dispeller and sick a random interrupter on the tree you can basically neutralise him by dispelling most of his heals and interrupting/stunning him.
    .-= Bobturkey´s last blog ..Cross server LFG =-.

  4. Personally I am a sucker for Latin names. šŸ™‚

    Whatever you do though, I’d stay away from “Animus Rapio” – I just have a feeling there’d eventually be some stupid person reporting it for sounding like a vile criminal act… I mean considering, how really, really stupid some people one meets in-game are – would you be surprised? šŸ˜‰

  5. The last failed PuG I was brought into for faction champions featured a 13 year old who’s foul mouth and incessant “your mom” comments lead him to be kicked (thankfully) which was followed by 20 minutes or more of waiting for a replacement, which lead to a few quits, which lead us to attempt a 22 man. I suppose PuG’ing at 1am has it’s ups and downs and this was a down šŸ™‚

    I have been fortunate to have a second Rogue with me on faction champions attempts so that we could trade off on interrupts. This of course only really applies to 25, and I am for the most part strictly a 10 man player.

    I’m partial to the single word guild names myself, I like Cerno of your list.
    .-= Rilandune´s last blog ..A Rogue should be short, stout, and hairy =-.

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