Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

  • Pugging makes me angry. I've decided to "invent" a drinking game to make it less horrible. Anyone have any suggested rules? #
  • Pugging Drinking game rule 1: take a shot whenever someone who isn't a tank starts a pull. #
  • #PugDrinkinGame Drink when the OT pulls while you're still handing out loot from the boss before. Bonus if they then complain when they die. #
  • #pugdrinkingame Condescending Asshat makes condescending asshat-like remark 1 drink. #
  • #pugdrinkingame When anyone in the pug says "cool my [insert weapon type] just hit [remarkably low number]" take a drink. #
  • WTB 25-man raiding guild that raids 7:30-11:30 PST Mon-Thur. /sigh #
  • Follow @warcraft and win #WoWloot #
  • RT @Kadomi: Why are there no 5-man challenges for geared people? (@warcraft) #
  • New MC post » Addon: Multishot (Screenshot) #worldofwarcraft #addon #screenshots #
  • Woot! UGT rocks! RT @GridDragon: @Fimlys @Nibuca @Llanion I went with UGT and gave Twisted Nether Blogcast as the referred by. #
  • Saw the movie "2012" last night. Keeping "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" in mind, I liked it. I gasped & jumped at all the right parts. #
  • RT @TwistedNether: #TNTCast: How To Do Top DPS in WoW (a youtube video) (mentioned by Myze in BAChat) #WoW #MaxDPS #
  • New MC post » Gifts for Gamers #
  • Noms homemade 4Bs Tomato Soup. Life is splendid. #
  • /workrage Me: Fix it right! Them: too hard, hack'round it. I put hack in place but hack didn't fix it. So now I have to hack broken hack. #
  • LOL /workrage was just told "hack only need to be around until IE6 is no longer used" ie, until HELL FREEZES FUCKING OVER!!!! #
  • Three hacks does not make a right. #
  • RT @JohnHerndon: Interesting08: A geophysical survey of 'World of Warcraft' from June 2008. Pretty funny. #
  • Just noticed: I can tweet and walk full speed.. but I have to stop to put on chapstick. /ponder #
  • Guy next to me on train has manager to step on my toe and grope my elbow. If he touches me again I'm knocking him down & kicking his balls. #
  • Train is only half full and there is no reason for him to be so close. Yes I may be PMSing.. Why do you ask? #
  • Snarky: Capris and snowboots are a fashion faux pas. #
  • RT @psynister Just because women want attention doesn't mean they want it from you. 😉 #
  • I think deep down I am a little evil. I keep looking at the pic for yesterday's post.. and it keeps making me laugh.. #
  • This just in: Global Warming "debunked". "Rising oceans caused by God's tears" #
  • New MC Post » Globally Recognized Avatar #metablogging #gravatar #
  • Recording TNB LIVE NOW!! (Ok, like 5 mins from now) with @ladygypsy Why aren't you here? ZOMG!! #
  • TNB was SO . MUCH . FUN!!! You totally missed it! AND @ladygypsy has the CUTEST voice ever! Can't wait for it to come out next week. #

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