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Enemy’s Gate is Down

occulusI think I need to start making crib sheets for raid/dungeons. We ran Heroic Occulus.. and none of use could clearly remember any of the boss fights. I think I’ll start a set of Crib Sheets here and on the new guild site so that I have a quick reminder.. and a spot to cut/copy paste instructions for puggers.

I’m thinking things like these that Morrighan has done.

Anyway, yesterday the heroic daily was Occulus. I convinced a guildie group to accomodate me and we did it sans Amber drakes (yeah achievement!). I need to do Occulus at least one more time.. I still need to be riding a red drake when the end boss dies.. and I still need the 20 minute achievement.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of runs on my Paladin. I finally bit the bullet and respec’d from Prot/Holy to Ret/Holy. I spent most of the weekend gathering her Ret gear together and enchanting/gemming it into reasonable condition. At the moment she’s all set to go.. but I’m afraid. I really don’t want to be -that- pugger.. you know.. the ret pally you bring into the group who barely breaks 1.2k dps. *sigh* So instead I’ve been signing up in /lfg as Healer/DPS and keep being invited as the healer. I guess it’s good that I enjoy healing.

On the guild front.. we’ve reported our guild name a couple times.. it violates the Blizz naming policy.. it would be convenient if they’d force a name change. Nothing so far. I think I’ll see if I can chat with a GM tonight about it.. otherwise we’ll just create a new guild.

I’m not 100% certain what name we’ll use. We iterated over the original list.. and came up with a new list.. and iterated over that. We found that either a name was “exactly what we’re looking for” in which case 200 other guilds already had that name… or it was “really really unique”.. and in some cases no one had that name because .. well.. frankly it sucked. /sigh

Right now the top runners are “Defiant” (common to 230 other guilds.. but still good) or “Bent” (uncommon.. but not exactly inspiring).

I’m leaning towards “Defiant”.

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  1. Just a few days ago I started using an addon called Boss Notes ( to make notes of the new 3.3 five-mans. It has a couple quirks I’ve learned to work around, but it works for what I want. My favorite feature is the ability to output a note to party chat (although it splits up chat kinda weird, I may have to look at that).
    .-= Brandon Tilley´s last blog ..The Altoholic’s 3.3 To Do List =-.

  2. @algorython
    LOL I’ll keep that in mind.

    I -loved- that book. I’ve read it so many times the book is totally ragged.

    SHhh, it’s a secret.. but when I write these posts I usually read them out loud to make sure they “sound” right 🙂

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