A guild by any other name…

USSR kaput
Last night I filed a /gm ticket about our guild name. The guild was named “USSR” and the guild population agreed that we didn’t love the name. We’ve asked friends to report it.. but that wasn’t doing us any good. So last night I bit the bullet and filed a ticket myself. I wrote that I’d inherited the guild.. and the name violated the naming policy and that we’d -love- a forced name change.

I’m not sure if you need to stay on the same toon as filed the ticket.. and I didn’t want to chance it so I fiddled around on Lilac to fill the time. I did an Ony-10 run.. and fished in the fountain for a while. I got the copper and silver coin achievement AND I finally managed to max fishing on Lilac. A GM never got back to me. Disheartened, I logged off.

I’m thrilled to report that today I received an out-of-game email saying that they’d approved our request for a guild rename. So YIPPIE! I need to submit 5 candidate names. Our top choice is “Defiant”. I’m 90% certain that will get approved. So soon we’ll be able to start recruiting.


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  1. I bet if you talk about this on your blog cast you’ll get a good amount of people to volunteer to join up. Or even transfer servers..

  2. Hmm it’s an interesting thought. I suppose I could.. but I feel sheepish about it because we’re now so far behind the curve. ICC just came out and I doubt we, as a guild group, will see it for at least a few weeks. I hate the idea of someone transferring servers to play in my guild only to find out it’s not all roses and butterflies.

    The other part is that this isn’t a TNB guild. It’s my guild. Fim has his own thing.. It feels wrong to pimp “my guild” on our show.

    I’ll consider it. Maybe I’ll feel different about it later.

  3. Ooh! I had no idea that could be done. That is really awesome that they’re going to change it for you.

    Good luck with recruiting and everything, as well. The timing is excellent, I think, as many folks are floating back to the game for the final raiding push before Cataclysm.

  4. I am assuming this was approved based on the name being in violation of the naming policy? Reason I ask, is I am not really a fan of my guilds name. It isn’t bad, it’s just not something I care for very much and I’d love to have a little leverage in saying we can change it if that is the case. I know it isn’t in violation, I just don’t like it much.
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  5. In the email they were clear that this was a one-time thing. I get the feeling that if all of your membership disliked the name you -might- be able to get it changed.. but since our old name violated the naming policy we had a bit of an edge.

    I agree that guild-rename should be something they offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up as another micro-transaction in Cataclysm.

  6. Well if you stated that it was your personal guild. It was more casual so dont expect to be at the front end of raiding.. people might send an alt over just to hang out with you! (i wouldn’t but only because your aliance! lol) my guild is in the same spot. stuck on freya.. I’m hoping that with the triumph drops meybe we can skip ahead to icecrown. An if fim gets to advertise his polyamorous gamer podcast you can advertise your guild needs! it ties into your blogging.

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