Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • I am v bothered that krizz has a "Milk bag" RT: @krizzlybear IT BEGINS! MY MILK BAG IS EMPTY AND I HAVE TO PREPLACE IT #
  • Ok I take it back… More disturbed by "pussy stomach" RT: @krizzlybear …MY MILK HAS LACTAID. GODDAMN MY PUSSY STOMACH. #
  • Why hasn't "Ender's Game" been made into a movie? #
  • OOOOO "Tentative status added for calendar responses." #warcraft #patchnotes #
  • Garmin. Squirrel. /boggle See "TV Ads >> See the Squirrel" #
  • WRT Real Time Search on Google.. I am disturbed that they used the music from Edward Scissorhands on the video.. #
  • We're not at 1000!#iblamesyrana. Please RT! IMPORTANT!! Think of the children! THE CHILDREN! #
  • RT: @Zabbylocks (Wow) Better to be at work on patch day then to be home staring at my computer waiting. #
  • "Facebook has more active users than the U.S. population." #LATimes "How to get banned from Facebook" #
  • YEAH!! Just got email from Blizz about guild rename. If all goes right we'll be "Defiant" soon. #
  • Per @saresa in 3.3 Core Hound Pup in the mail.. no idea why. Maybe @warcraft will shed some light. #
  • We're not at 1000!#iblamesyrana. Please RT! IMPORTANT!! Think of the children! THE CHILDREN! #
  • /agree!! RT @Brajana: I must say it is nice to have @Warcraft giving constant updates and addressing concerns on patch day! #
  • I am, and continue to be, pleased that I live on the West coast.. so that (usually) the patch is all fixed by the time I get home to play it #
  • I LOL'd RT @TheElitists: – #iblamesyrana #
  • RT: @Syrana #iblamesyrana I used to be sane, but now I'm better. #
  • Note all: Good idea for holiday gifts for geeks RT: @revchewie @meistara @thinkgeek has gloves you can work the iPhone while wearing. #
  • .@Koalabear21 I'm going with this: I don't like that Fel Concentration has 0/3. May drop Suppression for that. #
  • – Red neck Santa Float (via my mom) #
  • "The Greatest Christmas Decoration EVER!" #nonwow #holiday #humor #
  • If you maintain a page on please consider updating it to 3.3. Thanks! #
  • This morning the Visa I don't have has been to Uruguay and Cosimo. Too bad they emailed my non-financel address. Those crazy phishers. #
  • HHV ends 12/13. Support @azerothUnited HHV Charity Raffle. Donate $10 to support a great cause AND win fabulous prizes #
  • Carol of the Bells – Muppet style #
  • TNB about to start once Fim figures out which buttons to monkey. YOU SHOULD BE THERE! #
  • I know I say it every week.. but OMG!! TNB was so fun!!! You should have been there. Be there next week for Round Table on Thursday! #

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