Early Christmas for Affliction

A while back I wrote the following:

Thing 2: Dots, Hots and Haste
Some Hots/Dots may benefit from haste by ticking faster.

Verdict: Mixed. If your dot ticks faster it ends sooner meaning you have to recast it more. For warlocks they’re talking about doing this by having a glyph that makes your Corruption tick faster. I’m interested to see how the Glyph works with Everlasting Affliction. I re-cast haunt whenever it’s off cooldown.. and casts of haunt continually refresh corruption.. so potentially if my haunt casts are still fast enough to keep corruption refreshed.. then “faster ticks” just translates to more DPS. Though it also means that if I’m slow about putting haunt up I lose both haunt and corruption more often.

Now.. if they’d just update Everlasting Affliction to refresh based on casts of Shadow Bolt.. THEN we’d be in business.

I updated my glyphs and got the new “Glyph of Quickened Decay” (which btw is super easy for Scribes to get.. so don’t let them gouge you for more than ~10g). I have only raided a few times.. but I’m seeing that if everything is swinging the right way.. and I get super hasted my corruption is ending before my haunt comes back up to refresh it.

I was very very sad to contemplate that I might have to drop this super spiffy glyph since it borked up my Everlasting Affliciton.

THEN today I see that Bornakk posted “Recent In-Game Fixes – Decmeber 2009 – 12/14“:

Everlasting Affliction can now refresh the duration of Corruption on a target when the Warlock casts Shadow Bolt. This talent also refreshes the duration of Corruption with Drain Life and Haunt.

Nib dances a jig. We are now -totally- in business.

Nib’s Major Glyphs:
Life Tap, Haunt, Quick Decay

Nib’s Spell Priority:
Initial Cast: If on CotEl duty cast CotEl first. Follow up with Shadow Bolt and Haunt to stack your Shadow Embrace buff. Then Corruption, (CoA, if no CotEl), Unstable Affliction, then Shadow Bolt until Haunt is off cooldown. At this point, all DoTs and debuffs are up…refresh via the following priority list:
1. (CotEl)
2. Haunt (re-cast just before it expires)
3. Lifetap (to keep lifetap buff up or for mana)(be sparing)
3. Corruption (if it drops for whatever reason)
4. Unstable Affliction (re-cast just before it expires)
5. (CoA)
6. If nothing else, Shadowbolt

During the last 25% of the boss:
Change #6 to Drain Soul. Note that the channeling of Drain Soul should interrupted to refresh any of the above.

Determing CotEl duty: use CotEl only if you’re in a group where 3 or more casters will benefit from the +13% spell damage and the group does not have a boomkin to provide “Earth and Moon” or an Unholy Deathknights to provide “Ebon Plagebringer” otherwise use CoA.

6 thoughts on “Early Christmas for Affliction

  1. Hmm.. That’s a good question. Really 90% of the time I’m using CoA.

    Glyph of Haunt – increase the damage bonus of your Haunt by 3%. (ie, 23% add’l shadow dot dmg)(CoA, Corruption, UA)
    Glyph of CoA – increase the duration of your CoA by 4 seconds.

    EJ’s effective DPS calculation says that Glyph of Haunt is ~56.42 dps where Glyph of CoA is ~37.04 dps.

    So if I trust their math (which I do.. ) I dropped the lower effective DPS one.

    The only open question is if Glyph of Quick Decay is > Glyph of CoA.. atm I’m betting it is.. but that’s pure guess. I haven’t figure out how to do the math yet.. there’s probably a graph that shows the effectiveness of GoQD as your haste value increases… dunno yet.

  2. The best glyphs are quick_decay, haunt and life_tap. But you should
    always cast CoE if the 13% spell power debuff is not present. It is
    always a DPS gain to do so, even if you are the only caster in the raid.

    (And nearly all classes do magical damage. Some melee classes
    like DK, enhancement shamans and paladins a big part of their damage.)

    This is the result from Simulationcraft with the 55/0/16 profile with CoE
    and with CoA and no 13% spell power debuff present.

    6728 100.0% Warlock_T9_55_00_16-CoE
    6324 100.0% Warlock_T9_55_00_16-CoA

    CoE is a 400 dps gain over CoA in T9 BIS gear.

    You can run Simulationcraft yourself with your own char if you would
    like to test the effect of some changes in your talents, spell
    priorities, glyphs or gear choices.


  3. Ghostcrawler posted recently that they might tie Drain Soul into Everlasting Affliction as well in an upcoming hotfix. As it stands, one would still run into situations during the execute phase where corruption would fall off (ie Bloodlust, etc).
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

  4. @Kring
    Playing with SimulationCraft is on my To-Do list. It just hasn’t hit the top yet. I’ll keep my eye on our raids. Normaly we have a Boomkin for Earth and Moon so I get to stick with CoA but I’ll keep my eye on it and make sure.

    OMG That would be SO MUCH BETTER THAN A PONY!!!

    Honestly I expect to have to interrupt Drain Soul to refresh dots.. it’s just always a question of when to interrupt and how many to put up. Normally I wait until I need to refresh two things and then interrupt DS right after a tick.

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