Warlocks and the Pally Buffs

pp_warlockOn the post earlier today Jacob commented:

[Nib wrote] “I believe our pets share pally buffs with us”
Yes, they do. My pally is never quite sure what to put on warlocks in 5-man dungeons — about half of you seem to want Wisdom, the other half want Kings. Now you’re saying you want Might? My poor head…

Available pally buffs: Sanctuary(only available from Prot Pallies), Kings, Wisdom, Might

The stat increases from Sanctuary and Kings don’t stack.

My order of preference:
1. Kings is the only one that potentially give -me- a dps increase. (more spirit/int translates to more spellpower/crit)(also more stamina/int translates to more mana). It’s also pretty good for my pet.
2. Sanctuary gives a 3% reduction to damage.. which would be nice if you knew there would be a lot of AOE damage in the fight. The 10% stamina gives me more mana (through life tap) but only if I don’t have Kings (since they don’t stack).
3. Might gives a DPS increase to 50% of my pet’s damage but really does nothing for me.
4. Wisdom.. it’s mp5. Srsly, what do I need mp5 for? I have life tap. I suppose if you have 4+ pallies in the group I could be OK with Wisdom.. but honestly it’s my last choice.

I think Destruction Warlocks would rank Wisdom above Might (since their pet’s shooting fireballs and not meleeing). I’m not entirely certain about Demonology Warlocks. I think they’d have the same priority list as I do. Their pet uses Might even more than mine does.

3 thoughts on “Warlocks and the Pally Buffs

  1. Essentially correct re: demonology.

    This is why I wish they’d shuffle the warlock pets off into different buff groups like death knights. Our ghouls are actually in the same buff group as rogues, so any greater blessings that rogues get, ghouls get.

    You’d think Blizz could put the warlock pets into other categories, too. Maybe felguard into warrior and felpuppy into rogue, or something like that. Or both just with any of the melee classes.
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  2. I’m pretty sure that whether or not the warlock pet gets its master blessing depends on the type of pet. If you apply BoK to a lock with an (unphased) imp, the imp will get BoK, but I think the felguard is grouped with warriors. Anti-facepalm tip: avoid assigning a pally different buffs for pets and warriors in Pally Power. If the pally has BoK for warriors and BoM for hunter pets, you’re likely to end up with one overwriting the other. I’ve noticed recent versions of PP notice if one pet is different from others. If I put BoM on the pets to cover all the hunter pets, then put a mini-wisdom on the imp, PP remembers and highlights them differently (left-click to grBoM hunter pets, right-click to BoW imp). I hardly ever run with anyone using a felpuppy, so I haven’t noticed how they’re grouped. My bet is that you’d want BoM on them. On my ‘lock I run with FG for Demon spec and imp for Destro spec. I always want BoK for me in either spec, BoK for the imp, and BoM for the FG. I don’t pay enough attention to the imp’s mana to know if I should steer toward BoW for him instead.

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