Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • /scowl Random Dungeon Finder is saving dungeonIds. We're teleporting into a new one and find it already cleared @warcraft #
  • ORLY! RT @doofythepaladin: random heroic… Took the mage's portal out & ended up on Norgannon. Cost $25 to get back to Thrall. #
  • "There is no male version of the Belf race. There is the girl version, and the husky girl version." (via For the Pie) #
  • It's depressing when you import your toon/spec/gear into SimulationCraft & it says you should be doing 2x DPS that you normally do in raids. #
  • New MC Post: "Early Christmas for Affliction" #EverlastingAffliction #GlyphOfQuickDecay #
  • OMG@!! Just figured out I'm in the same battle group as @bindonequip I'll keep my eyes peeled for POH ppl.. oh.. wait.. they're horde.. NM. #
  • Hrm.. I WTB t-shirt but dread explaining "No, I play Alliance.. but the horde symbol is cooler" #
  • How Frozen Hall was -really- opened #
  • WOOT!! Official permission to say "GC says you're doing it wrong." #
  • Ebert's Avatar review. TL;DR "OMGOMGOMGOMG" (via @starmike) #
  • Plz Record "Hi this is {your name} from {your blog/podcast/guild}& this is The Hunting Party Podcast" & #
  • Plz record the same for TNB.. you know.. while you're at it.. and #
  • Dear Twitterverse, Can someone please poke Euripedes from CriticalQQ and have him email TY. #
  • Oh OH!! Me too! @restokin @mikeschramm "I'm going to be on the Twisted Nether Roundtable tomorrow night" #
  • I got no email overnight on my phone and instead of thinking "huh, no mail" I am suspecting my phone is borked. #
  • AH HA!! Email -is- borked. #
  • New MC Post: "WTB Inspector Addon" #
  • "Someone just threw a shoe at you" of interest in blogging and online communication #blogging #dealingWithTrolls #
  • Best typo ever! "Mange" instead of "mage" RT @Jezriyah: …put Vigilance on me (4k DPS) instead of the mange (2700). #
  • I'm almost ashamed to admit.. but now that I -get- the Faction Champions it's almost .. fun. Now if only the groups I in would -get- it. #
  • Dear FB: If someone posts "keep your fingers crossed for me" FB should offer "cross your fingers for them" link instead of "like". #
  • New posts on MC (two for the price of one): "Felhunter Notes" ( & "Warlocks and the Pally Buffs" ( #
  • I'm glad I did HoR on regular once.. this corner is boring.. and I'm glad I saw the story at least once. #

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