Affliction Warlock Pawn 3.3

I finally got a moment with SimulationCraft and found out they’ve made really nice improvements to the tool. I was able to setup several profiles on WowHead and then use those to generate information. I still haven’t figured out how to get them to show up side-by-side.. I have a feeling I need to edit a config file and I haven’t had time to do that.

Quick&Dirty SimulationCraft howto:
Download the SimulationCraft project and install it somewhere.
Launch the code by clicking on the executable (simcqt.exe).
Read the instruction (ok, I know you’re going to skip them.. at least skim the instructions).
Click on the “Import” tab.
Navigate to an import source (WowArmory or an already-set-up WoWHead Profile).
Click the “Import!” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the application.
Click the “Simulate!” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the application.
Marvel at the pretty pictures.

Anyway, here are the profiles I setup.

Fiddling with these I found that for my current gear this one perfomed best in SimulationCraft. Lilac 14 56/00/15 I’m oddly pleased that the best performing profile is the spec/gear set I’m using on a day-to-day basis.

– This is using -my- gear with is a set of badge gear + mostly 10-man/some 25-regular drops. MMV.
– This was generated in a Patchwerk style battle and I really haven’t fiddled with the settings so MMV
– This only works if you TRUST the algorithms in SimulationCraft. At this point it works better than anything else I’ve fiddled with so I’m going with it.
– SimulationCraft says I should be getting ~7.9k DPS. Usually I’m barely brushing 5k. So I’m not sure if I’m missing something.. or if I’m just that much below perfect. Probably the latter.

SimulationCraft calculated the following scale:
int 0.380
spi 0.9685
SP 1.6325
Crit 0.9067
Haste 1.3639
Hit 0.3328

Which I used to update my Pawn scale:(Simcraft makes one automatically.. but I like mine with a few additions)

Non Raiding Lootrank
Raiding Lootrank

Lilac’s Custom Gearlist

6 thoughts on “Affliction Warlock Pawn 3.3

  1. Did I mention I generally base my pawn scales off yours? I think I did… either way, glad you got around to doing this. Thanks. I was also “oddly” (read: in the depths of my evilest shard) pleased that an affliction spec was finally the top dog.

    What would you do if you’re ridiculously over hit cap? I went ahead and respecced to reduce pushback, since you can’t really plop those points anywhere else as the early part of the tree requires it. I’m trying to offload hit in favor of other stats, but it just seems so easy to come by right now.

    That, and good trinkets are few and far between. I picked up the T9 hit trinket just because I had tons of triumph emblems and was sick of running with the ilvl 200 and 213 stuff (as I see you’re dealing with as well). What’s up with no trinket love? In any case, I’m sitting on that hit trinket, hoping that I can get rid of hit elsewhere to take advantage of my situation.

  2. This 7.9k dps calculated by Simulationcraft is for a perfect raid and perfect player on a perfect boss. There are many things that affect your real dps.

    First, these 7.9k are an average over many thousand simulations. You might be higher or lower depending on crit luck.

    Then, if you run 10 mans you will never have a perfect raid. You will always miss some buffs which affect the dps.

    Your DPS also depends on the other people in your raid. Simulationcraft assumes a 5 minute boss fight. Of which you spend 40 seconds with heroism. That’s 40 seconds out of 300 seconds. That’s 13%. If your raid mates do less damage the fight will take longer than 5 minutes and you will spend less time under heroism. Therefore you’ll do less dps. And so on. 🙂

    There should be options in the GUI to deselect raid buffs if you don’t have them.

    If you like, you can create a /combatlog during your next raid and load it on one of the various web sites. Then, try to compare the output of Simulationcraft and your log. I’ve noticed that the dps of Simulationcraft is always higher then what you reach but the break down of which spell did how many percent of your damage is correct.

  3. Hey, retrieved your comment from spam and made it non-spam. Thanks for the links.

    I’ve never used SimulationCraft, mainly because I was okay eyeballing it for most of my warlock’s life and I started using Rawr once my druid started raiding. But then some Windows XP update broke my .NET and Rawr won’t work. I’m going to try out SimulationCraft and see what this is about.


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