Elements VS Agony VS DOOM

Which do you choose Curse of Agony or Curse of the Elements or Curse of Doom?

Agony does damage.. but Elements increases your damage and the rest of your raid’s damage. BUT Elements shares a debuff slot with “Earth and Moon” cast by Boomkins (should be part of their DPS rotation) and with “Ebon Plaguebringer” cast by Unholy Deathknights (passive part of their rotation).

Simulation 1: 56/00/15 with Felhunter. 13% spell power is provided by another person in the raid. I cast CoA.
7984 dps

Simulation 2: 56/00/15 with Felhunter. 13% spell power is provided by another person in the raid. I cast CoD instead.
7922 dps

Simulation 3: 56/00/15 with Felhunter. 13% is not provided to the raid. I cast CoA. (no one covers 13%)
7130 dps

Simulation 4: 56/00/15 with Felhunter. I cast CotEl to cover the 13% Spellpower.
7614 dps

Conclusion: If I have a Boomkin or an Unholy DK in my group giving the 13% then I should cast CoA. Otherwise I should cast CotEl. If I think the Boomkin or DK will not be on my target then I should use CotEl.

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  1. Soul Siphon increases Drain Soul’s damage for each Affliction effect on the mob. I -do- think CotEl counts as an affliction effect.. but I don’t think it matters. Soul Siphon only needs 3 affliction effects and you can cover that with Corruption, Haunt, Shadow’s Embrace. So the additional effect with your curse is irrelevant.

  2. Earth and Moon is also a passive effect of the Moonkin. It’s funny that warlocks are the only of the 3 classes who have to sacrifice personal DPS to provide the 13% spellpower debuff while originally they were the only class to provide it. 🙂

    I use ButtonTimers and have a timer set up which shows who long CoE or E&M or EP is active on the mob and how long. Therefore I can switch to CoE as soon as the Moonkin or the DK are dead (their debuff only lasts for a few seconds if not refreshed).

  3. @Elkagorasa
    Unholy DKs will be the ones with a controllable ghoul pet. That said, the talent for 13% SP is really deep in the Unholy tree. The easiest way I’ve found is to ask them (best for guildie groups) or to inspect them (Ebon Plague comes from a talent 3rd from the bottom of the Unholy tree).

  4. Hey Nib,

    By chance did you run number for Cod W/O 13% from anyone? I am curious to see how that compares.

    Also Kring, how did you set Button Timers up to track E&M or EP? I have a side bar with CotE but not sure how to setup with stuff from other classes.



  5. Thanks for the response above, and also I did some good raid testing (with in-game recount of course, so hardly scientific, but practical)… and I’m seeing the same patterns you’re laying out here. CotE seems to be the winner except when getting that 13% from elsewhere. Also, it definitely doesn’t seem to hurt my Drain Soul ticks at all, so I think you were spot on in the comment above.
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  6. I was stuck in a very bad series of HoR runs. (bad tanks). so I decided to test DPS diff. between CotE and CoA. Again using recount so who knows how acurate but should be close for testing.

    I had a total of 10 runs where I felt that for comparison they are close and relavent. I found that CoA produced about 100 more DPS consistantly over CotE. Only 1 run did CotE have a higher DPS and I think that was more on the line of the top DPS dies early in that run so I had a lot more SB crits and more time to DPS.

    I had 5-6 more runs that I felt had too much change to include in comparisons but CoA was still higher in those runs.

    Hope this isnt too jumbled and made sense. I am typing it from my phone.


  7. Everything that increases the personal DPS of a class increases raid DPS. The warlock changes will also increase Raid DPS. 🙂

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