An ode to Doomguard Roulette

(Minor language warning for the video.)

Hi, so my name is Rhidach and you may or may not know me from the prot paladin blog, Righteous Defense. When I drew Nib’s name in Blog Azeroth’s Secret Santa shared topic I had a small crisis. I know very little about warlocks, your class being one of the few I’ve made an alt of. That’s not to say I’m disinclined to roll a warlock (far from it!), just never had the chance to get to know you folks better. As it stands now, my general perceptions of the warlock class is all shadowbolt spam and soul candies.

That is, suffice it to say, I know very little about warlocks!

But, I digress. I was wracking my brain to think of something interesting to guest post on this blog and tried to sift through my various dealings with your fel brethren. Finally, I settled on one of my earliest warlocky memories, from back in The Burning Crusade. There was a guy I ran many, many heroics with, a warlock, and his favorite game to break up the tedium of dungeon after dungeon was Doomguard Roulette.

He’d cast Ritual of Doom, drop the little atlar/stone-a-ma-bob and we’d all dutifully click. The first time we did this I was the lucky one that bit the dust. Confused beyond all explanation, I’d never seen any player just drop dead from a spell cast by a party member. Attempting to regain his composure, this warlock (now my sworn enemy) explained between chortles that Ritual of Doom sacrificed a random party member. And I was that randomly chosen sap.

The tradition had begun and the five of us made an effort to play Doomguard Roulette at least once a day in the middle of a long string of chain heroics.

Now at level 80, older, wiser, and far more distrusting of warlocks (srsly–watching you guys), I was researching the spell for writing this post and was aghast to discover it was nerfed. Ritual of Doom won’t kill someone anymore, but simply sacrifice a large portion of their health. I suppose with its 4-7k hp “sacrifice,” a party could strip down to their skivvies and hope for the spell to crit or something equally impossible. … A lightning bolt, perhaps?

Anyway, my borrowed and plaguehearted readers, in the spirit of the season I have this humble request: please share the joys of Doomguard Roulette with your friends and guildmates. Even nerfed this spell can make for a fun diversion and alleviate the tedium of an extended badge run, or just throw off a healer during some downtime in a raid. Either way, the game must go on.

Happy holidays to you all and to yours as well.

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