Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-26

  • I feel like Jack the Giant slayer.. but yesterday we caught/killed 8!! Mightily we slayed EIGHT mice in one day. Nibs 1 Mousey invasion -8 #
  • Today is my last work day of 2009. I feel all.. productive.. and yet unproductive at the same time. #
  • Is there an addon to just change the look/feel of the Focus? I hate to install all of xperl/etc just for the focus. I've tried FocusFrame. #
  • New MC Post: "Affliction Warlock Pawn 3.3" #pawnscale #simulationcraft #warcraft #
  • I totally agree. "I will carry you.. as long as you're trying" Granted.. occasionally it's nice to not carry anyone. #
  • WTB WordPress plugin that will show on a post, what URLs have linked to this post. #
  • ***casts accusing glares* Are YOU a blogger? Are YOU following @blogazeroth ? #
  • Doh! OMW to the airport and just realize I forgot my authenticator. #
  • Forgotten authenticator problem solved. We missed our flight & can't afford new tickets. Staying home for Xmas. Making lemonade from lemons. #
  • Healer: "Don't stand in fire" Tank: "I'm the Tank, fire doesn't hurt me" Me: /boggle
    Dungeon Finder has introduced me to new ways to fail. #
  • I have an unhealthy love of Toffee.. and have just made a 2lb batch. Maybe I should have thought twice about it. #
  • /grumble it's 1am.. and I don't need the badges.. and yet I'm compelled to sign up for Dungeon Finder. Damn you [Perky Pug]. #

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