Globally Recognized Avatar

Metablogging topic today. Very quick. If you post a comment here (and on most WordPress blogs) your comment will have a picture next to it. That picture is pulled from the site You can setup different avatars for each email you use. If you don’t have one setup it will use the boring default grey picture normaly. In the…

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Guild, Lilac

Pugging with gritted teeth

The good part about being in a very annoying PUG that faceplants repeatedly on Faction Champions is that I got a lot of time to work on/think about how to handle the fight and more specifically the tree druid. The pug itself was uber annoying.. no.. wait..the pug was fine.. the people running it were annoying.. I bet they were…

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Gifts for Gamers

It’s that time of year: Christmas/Hanuka/Quanza/Non-Denominational Giving!! So here’s a very short list of ideas for your WoW gamer.


How I became GM of an unnamed guild.

My guild that I’ve been in since the day that I joined WoW went BOOM about 3 weeks ago. It happened for many reasons.. let’s leave it at the fact that it happened. The outcome is that <West Kingdom> is now styled as a “Social guild” with no set raiding schedule. I want a set raiding schedule. I want to…

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