First Foray into ICC

My guild, <Caffeine> started on ICC-10 this week. Our ICC-10 Lower Spire Strategy notes. The first night we got Lord Morrowgar down but got stuck on Lady Deathwhisper. Her AOEs were just tearing up our melee dps.

The second night we got Deathwhisper and Chess.. err I mean Gunship Battle down. Once we started interrupting Deathwhisper add AOEs it wasn’t that hard. Then we got stuck on Saurfang. We made LOTS of attemps on Saurfang.

Last night (our third night in ICC) we face smashed on Saurfang some more. At best we got him to 2%. Yes.. 2%. Sigh.

On Saurfang we ran into three issues:
1. Learning the placement and the fight requirements
The first night on Saurfang and the beginning of last night the beasts were all over the place. Trial and error allowed us to refine our methods and keep the beasts occupied until they could be killed. At the end of the second night I think we had that pretty well refined. Right now we are dependent on having a druid in the group for roots. We’ll need to work on that as the druid we had with us isn’t a regular member of the guild so we can’t count on him always being there.

2. Healer tunnel vision and trust
One of our healers is very new to healing and is still working on noticing that -his- health is going down. We’ll need to work with him to make sure he notices that. Because he’s new I think the other healer didn’t “trust” him. We need the healers to build up more trust so that if one healer needs to “run from the beasts” he can call on the other healer to pick up heals on the tanks for a few seconds and trust that the tanks will be fine.

3. Raising our DPS
We’re two-healing the fight with 6 DPSers. We ended up with two in the 5k range, 3 in the 3k range and one in the 2k range. The lowest DPSers is actually a main spec healer playing his off-spec. When we were setting up the raid he admitted his DPS wasn’t up to ICC-10 standards.. but he was our only choice. There were no other DPSers online. We’ll need to work with him and the others in the 3k range to get them some upgrades.. or if they’re not interested, make sure we bring other DPSer to the runs.

Regardless our attempts got better and better over the course of the night. I’m certain we’ll have Saurfang down soon.

On the recruiting front.. I never thought I’d have to say this.. but we’re terribly short on main-spec DPSers. Of the folks I can count on to show up for most/all the raids on a weekly basis.. I have 4 DPSers. This means that for a “normal” 10-man we are constantly shuffling different people into the rest of our DPS slots. I’d really love to be able to have a more consistent raid group.

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  1. I’m hoping to get feedback on this…

    I am just now trying to figure out minimum DPS requirements for the various WotLK raids, and am seeing numbers across the board (as expected). For ICC-10, though, I consistently saw 9.5-10K…11.5K needed for ICC-25, so I’m surprised 2-5K was even possible. Feedback?

    Personally, I’m at about 3.5K, and feel like the highest I can get into would be 25M Ulduar. It’s just really hard to tell without going in and either being warmly welcomed or yelled at & kicked out. Ha!

  2. In ICC 10-mans I’m at about 4k but last night I was hitting 5k on Saurfang.
    In ICC 25-man I’ve had fights at ~6.3k dps.
    Usually I’m 2-3 on the DPS list.

    Last night, as I said, we ranged from 2k-5k dps. I think if you have all your dpsers at around 3.5-3.8k dps as an average in 10-mans you should be ok. We sucessfully downed the first 3 bosses at that level.

    I’m not sure where the 9k-10k numbers are coming from. We might peak that high.. but our overall dps is much lower than that.

  3. 10-11k dps for ICC 25? I don’t know that any class could hit that in a Patchwerk style encounter with pre-ICC gear. Personally, I’m averaging 6k dps on the first wing ICC 10 fights a mix of ToC10/ToC25 gear(ie – I’m Aristeides). I would say you could muddle your way through the first four bosses of ICC 10 with a solid 4k dps. The fights, save perhaps for Saurfang, are more about coordination than strict dps requirements. Saurfang is difficult not only for the complexity of the fight mechanics but also for the soft/hard enrage. You must, at least for Saurfang, be able to put out consistent dps while controlling the adds and maintaining spatial awareness.

  4. 10k dps should be possible if you watch the overall DPS of the instance. Because there is a lot of trash in the beginning and it’s very easy to get 15k-20k dps on this trash for DK, mage, warlock, paladins. Of course that overall dps means nothing at all.

    > 2. Healer tunnel vision and trust

    I always recommend to enable SCT, it’s even in the default interface these days. If you see red numbers on your screen, then they have to heal yourself.

  5. Gratz on the first wing on ICC. Sounds like your making progress fine. Sure you will have Saurfang down soon. If you can get him that far down to 2% you can kill him basically.

    Gratz on the progress.

  6. You can do it without a druid if you can’t get one.

    We use an earthbind totem just off the stairs. It normally picks up the BB’s once they clear melee range.

    Tailoring nets are awesome if your DPS is a bit low and you need to run away. We have 2 tailor DPS in our 10man group.

    Destro-daze from conflag is a lifesaver. Save conflag if the BBs are about to spawn. Use your port if you can’t kill them in time.

    Our DPS is about where yours is and we 3-shot Saurfang the first time we tried him and 2-shot him last week. We would have 1-shot him but a tank went LD.

    We use two healers, two tanks, and six DPS. Our normal DPS is 2x rogues, destro lock (tailor), boomkin (tailor), elemental shaman, and frostfire mage.

    We had a lot more trouble with the first two bosses than Saurfang.

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