Highly Caffinated

On Sunday <Caffeine> downed Saurfang in ICC-10. Everything was firing correctly and we had enough DPS.

We were: Heimdäll(pally tank), Dudu(pally tank), Kradokk(druid healer), Valkyriana(pally healer), Reima(ele shaman), Zestor(mage), Flashback(mage), Drkrogue(rogue), Lilac(warlock), and Lapester (ret pally)

The /lore after Saurfang went down still makes me cry. I’m such a puss.

I actually respec’d slightly (link to spec) for the fight and picked up Curse of Exhaustion. I think it (and using frostweave nets) helped a little bit. We are still having one of our druid healers root the second beast while we kill the first. This is a bit annoying to him as he has to pop out of tree form to do the roots. We’ve recruited a boomkin so I’m hopeful she’ll be able to do the roots in the near future. Can the beasts be sheeped/hexed/ice trapped?

Anyway we pushed past Saurfang and made our first foray into the upper spire. After the adreneline high from downing Saurfang it was almost comical to be wiped by the first trash mob we pulled**. Confused DPS is confused. We dps’d a little bit of everything and the Val’kyr made a million copies of us and totally overwhelmed us. We released and ran back.. and found out that it is possible to DI one of the copies (who then ran through the group and wiped us again). Speaking of which.. the little copies are odd.. they’re fearable by warlocks AND by paladins (turn undead).. they’re like non-undead undead or something. We slogged our way through the trash and finally made our way to Festergut.

I had read an imperfect strategy that suggested you needed one tank and that everyone should group up in melee range and dps from there. OMG I have never wiped so fast. Seriously we ran in, got gassed, wandered about dazed and then wiped the group. Lesson learned I’ll be more cautious about trusting strange strategy guides.

It was already late in the evening so we only made 1-2 attempts on him. We went back in last night (Monday) and made some very solid attempts until the trash respawn caught up to us (we’d been VERY slow in clearing the trash).

Festergut Learnings:
Tanks need to trade off the boss at 9 stacks (not 10, they explode).
Ranged need to spread out at least ~10 yds apart (to avoid vomit).
When spores show up, make sure one is in melee and one is in ranged. Melee collapse on the tanks (to make sure everyone gets the spore). Ranged collapse on the door (which is where we stuck one of the healers) to get the spore. Ranged, run back to your spot after you get the spore.
***Warlocks, pop Shadow Ward often, esp right before he does his big explosion.

At best we got him to 6% before we had to call it. I’m confident we’ll get him the next time we’re there.

On the recruiting front we picked up ALOT of people this week. 1 boomkin, 3 deathknights, 1 rogue, 1 shadow priest, 1 warlock. We’re making good progress in filling our ranks. At this point I think we need 1-2 tanks and a few more ranged DPS and we’ll be able to start fielding two 10-man teams. Boo-ya.

Oh.. there’s alot of upper spire trash. I caught this after one of the pulls. Yes, that’s me at 11k dps. Seed of Corruption FTW.

**it was even more comical that we had MULTIPLE people die to the walls of blue gas, but we won’t dwell on that.

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  1. The adds on Saurfang cannot be sheeped or hexed, but they can be Slowed (mage), Frost nova’d (mage), Exhaustion’d (lock), Conflagrated (lock), Earthbind Totem’d (shaman), KNOCKBACKED (boomkin/shaman), Rooted (boomkin), Chains of Iced (DK), Stunned (paladin/rogue), Frost Trapped (hunter), and probably a lot of other stuff I forgot.

  2. Congratulations on getting Saurfang down! I’ll probably watch it all on youtube sometime… I love the lore, but I’m not so big on raiding. Also, I liked the note about Shadow Ward since I’ve been using it more and more in the ICC 5-mans (and just in general since it lasts a while) when there’s shadow damage. I’m starting to feel like I actually really know my class since I’m remembering to use random things that I feel like never get brought up.

  3. The warlock fear (and priest and warrior) does NOT have a creature
    type limitation. You can fear everything, unlike e.g. sheep which only
    works on humanoids and beasts.

    > Strikes fear in the enemy, causing it to run in fear for up to 20
    > sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only 1 target can be
    > feared at a time.

    > Transforms the enemy into a turtle, forcing it to wander around for
    > up to 50 sec. While wandering, the turtle cannot attack or cast
    > spells but will regenerate very quickly. Any damage will transform
    > the target back into its normal form. Only one target can be
    > polymorphed at a time. Only works on Beasts, Humanoids and
    > Critters.

    If you try to sheep an undead, you get an “invalid target” message.
    But you can fear an undead.

    Now, in vanilla WoW, Blizzard thought that all undeads should be
    immune to fear and they configured every undead to be immune to fear.
    But there is nothing in the game which makes all undeads automatically
    immune to fear. They forget to turn that flag on from time to time for
    new undead mobs and these can be feared.

    So, yes, you will never be able to sheep an undead because fear cannot
    be cast at an undead. But you can cast fear at an undead and this
    works on a few.

    The 4 pull in kingdom near the globe where you have to take down the
    shield for the prince boss was (is?) fearable. That was quite nice in
    the beginning of the Expansion. 🙂

    TL;DR: Shackle and turn evil only works on undeads (and demons). Fear
    works on every mob that is not immune. Which most undeads are.

  4. Your rogues can stealth in and turn off the blue gas.

    We /wtfpwned Festergut twice now. We’ve made roughly 20 attempts on Rotface with little success. His spawn timer for the little oozes is broken–you get 25-man ooze spawn rates in 10-man after roughly 3 minutes (soft enrage). It is almost a must to have him almost dead by the 3 minute point or it gets much harder. Our DPS isn’t currently high enough to do that.

  5. For fester you need atleast 3 people at range to get vommited on otherwise he will hit someone in melee range. Best bet is having 3 ranged dps so that all the healers can get into melee range and avoid the vomit. This is a big fight for the tanks because he hits pretty damn hard when he has 3 stacks (just before big fart) and the stacking debuff that the tanks get actually increases the damage the tanks do so when they switch off the debuffed tank needs to drop out of their threat stance (righteous fury, bear form, frost aura, defensive stance) so that they don’t instantly pull threat.

    Have your raid coordinate cd’s with the tanks when the boss hits 3 stacks to minimize the chance of the tank getting gibbed.

    Rotface is all about raid coordination. We downed him once last week but didn’t manage to kill him on our first raid night this week. Should have him and hopefully putricide down tonight.
    .-= Whats my main again?´s last blog ..Guilded review: one Week =-.

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