Focus Magic anyone?

Overheard in ICC-10 tonight:

Holy Pally: Hey [mage], I’m missing a buff
Mage: Nah, you’ve got Arcane Brilliance
Holy Pally: Awww.. come on you know what I like
Mage: {slight pause} but there’s other people watching

10 thoughts on “Focus Magic anyone?

  1. Is it wrong of me to tell mages to stop putting FM on my resto druid? I don’t want that 3% crit, and I don’t crit often enough to give the Mage 3% crit.

    On the other hand, that Rogue is going to be critting all the damn time! He may not get any benefit from the 3% “spell crit”, but at least the Mage will “get his”.

  2. I am not a mage blogger. My mage is level 44 (almost 45) BUT reading up about Focus Magic it looks like melee and ranged physical attacks don’t proc it.

    I do wonder.. afflocks have lower crit rating.. but we have ALOT of spells all going off at the same time that can crit.. I wonder if the number of spells we have going would make up for us -only- being at ~30% crit. Hmmmm.

  3. Our resident boomkin is always crying out for Focus Magic. My wife got mad at him last night and put it on my Holy Pally instead. She said she got more benefit when it was on me than him. And why not? I’ve got a 40% Holy crit rating…and I spam!

  4. The best part about Focus Magic is if it’s me (paladin), a mage and a warlock in the same group, and the mage puts Focus Magic on me. That’s just cold.

  5. Fun fact, focus magic will proc on a rogue, since poisons count as magic damage. If i’m in a random dungeon with a rogue, druid, and no other casters than myself, I will FM the rogue. Instant poison crits provide a reasonable focus magic uptime on the mage’s part.

    The more you know!

  6. No matter on what class you put it, you will have the buff all the time because of the long duration. Every caster should be able to crit once in 10 seconds. Therefore you have the highest impact on raid dps if you put it on the class which has the best crit scaling.

    If you take a look at the T9 crit scaling from Simulationcraft

    You’ll get this list:

    1.8932 FFB mage
    1.6895 Fire mage
    1.5513 Shadow
    1.3246 Ele Shaman
    1.2366 Moonkin
    1.1946 Affliction warlock
    1.1632 Arcane mage
    1.0669 Demo warlock
    1.0126 Destro warlock

    Of course, most arcane mages won’t understand that and chain it because “it’s their buff”. I wish I could create a macro that the ISB debuff works for all but arcane mages. 🙂

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