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From the Curse page: “Pally Power is an add-on that provides an interactive and easy to use interface that allows you to control assignments of blessings for yourself and, if you are a party leader or an assistant, for other paladins in your group or raid. You don’t need to be a paladin to control raid/party blessings.”

“Easy to use” is short hand for “if you know what you’re doing, it’s trivial to manage but most people don’t know what they’re doing and they will frustrate you and make you want to throw kittens across the room.”

PallyPower displays “buff buttons” on your screen. You can configure which buff buttons show up. In the screenshot on the left I have moused over the “paladin” group to open up the list of paladins in my group. The Buff Bar consists of 1. the Aura I’ve been assigned (or assigned to myself), 2. the auto-buff button which shows the shortest duration of any buff I’m responsible for (clicking this out-of-combat will re-bless whoever needs to be blessed) and 3. a button for each class in my group and a timer showing me how much time is left for my blessing on them. In this case I’m the only person in my party (a paladin) and I have a little bit more than 9 minutes left on my blessing of kings. To the left of the class bar for paladins it shows the names of the individuals in that class. Notice the “R” in the upper right-hand corner. That means that this individual is within range to receive the assigned blessing.

On the Buff Bar, if it’s green, everything is “OKAY”. If it’s yellow, something is amiss. If it’s RED something is BADLY amiss. Usually mousing over/clicking the yellow/red bar will make it better.

There is a little red dot near the top of the buff bar. If you right-click it, it turns green. When it’s green you can drag the “buff buttons” around to position them on your screen. If you left-click it you will open the “Assignment Window”.

In the assignment window the individual paladins are listed in rows on the left-hand side. Since I’m the only one in my group I’m the only one listed. The number to the right of my name (187) is the number or Symbol of Kings I’m carrying. Below that, notice that next to the symbols for Blessing of Wisdom and Blessing of Might it says “5+2”. This means that Tatia has put extra talent points into having an improved BoW and BoM. Keep this in mind when assigning who should give out those buffs. This list shows -all- of the blessings I’m skilled into. Notice I do not have Blessing of Sanctuary. Lastly, at the bottom I’ve put a checkmark into “Free assignment” this means that I’m allowing others to use Pallypower to adjust the blessings I’m giving. In some cases, in exceptionally bad pugs, I’ll remove this checkmark to stop other people from messing with the blessings I’ve assigned.

Across the top, there is a column first for which Aura each paladin is assigned, and then for what blessing each paladin is assigned. You can clear all assignments by hitting the “Clear” button in the bottom right (unless you’re setting up the assignments this is usually a very bad idea. The “Auto-assign” does a fair job at assigning blessings but it doesn’t seem to take talents into consideration so usually it’s better to assign the blessings by hand.

In some cases, especially with hybrid classes, it’s necessary to assign a pally to give a 10-minute blessing that’s different from the regular blessing for a class. To do this, grab the name of the person to get the special buff and drag them to a class that’s getting the buff they should get (ie, grab the name of the kitty druid and drag them to the Rogue column).

Pets are special.. and unfortunately PallyPower doesn’t handle them well. Hunter pets share buffs with Warriors. Death Knight pets share buffs with Rogues. FelHunter, Succubus and Imp Warlock pets share buffs with the Warlock. I -think- FelGuard shares buffs with Warriors. I don’t know what buffs the new Mage pets share.

5 thoughts on “Addon: PallyPower

  1. We require Ventrilo (with working mic), a threat meter (Omen), a bossmod (BigWigs, DBM, Deus Vox), Pallypower (if you’re a pally), and LibHealComm4 (if you’re a healer).

    Once you get into raids, esp 25s, the pally blessings become a bear to manage. This just makes it easier.. though I have heard there’s a replacements.. I just haven’t tried them out.

  2. Definitely the best addon I have as a pally. It ends *some* of the endless buff nagging too. I know most pally’s think “i won’t forget to buff”, but you will occasionally… maybe after some die on the initial ICC trash. And if you don’t want to use another reagent to bless the few who died? Right-clicking will give them the 10 minute base buff instead.

    Good review and thanks for putting the word out there. It makes the assignments so much easier and there’s no “pally 1, you need to give this because pally2 gave that.” It’s all right there.

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