ICC with a side of Mocha

This last week <Caffeine> had a group complete OS+3 for the achievement, mount and titles. I wasn’t in that group (I was getting ready to record TNB) but I hope to be in future OS+3 runs. We’re also progressing through ICC nicely. We downed the Lower Spire and Festergut and we are working on Rotface. Rotface is kicking us in the teeth. I’m sure we’ll get it.. eventually but at the moment it’s our new “Grobbulus”**

Rotface Learnings:
Tank in front of him.
OT at the outside of the room (to kite the big ooze).
All other DPS/healers behind the boss.
Boss will occasionally turn and spew towards a random person. Everyone needs to move away from the cone of spew.
25% of the room fills with green slime. It slows you 10% and does minor damage (you can step in it if you can’t avoid it).
Small oozes spit out small puddles of slime. It slows you 50% and does significant damage (don’t step in it).
When a large ooze has merged with 5+ little oozes it will explode. Avoid the falling schmutz.

Someone (not the MT) will get a mutated injection (does lots of dmg) which when cleansed will drop a little ooze who will chase the ex-infected person. The ex-infected person needs to kite the little ooze out to the OT. If the ex-infected person dies before merging their ooze, the little ooze will aggro on probably healers/MT.
If the OT is kiting a large ooze then the ex-infected person needs to run to the OT and get their ooze to merge with the large ooze. If there is no large ooze then the ex-infected person needs to wait with the OT until another small ooze comes to the OT.
Large oozes MELEE for A LOT of damage so don’t get hit by them. They also have an AOE that pulses. If it hits a small ooze the ooze will merge. If it hits a person it will do significant damage.
The goal it to have the little ooze be hit by the AOE pulse without getting hit by the pulse yourself.
Small oozes can be slowed (Curse of Exhaustion, Chains of Ice, etc).

My attempted ooze delivery method: Run to OT. Run with OT. CoX on small ooze. Small ooze slows down, merges with large ooze. Run back to center of the room (without getting vomited on, stepping in small ooze puddles, or running into large ooze AOE field).

Success rate: 30%

I’m still working to refine my method. At one point the OT suggested we run “to the wall” and then stop.. and our ooze would be picked up by the big ooze as it passed by. Unfortunatley the big ooze “missed” my little ooze and I ended up kiting my little slime for ALOT longer.. until I died.

On another attempt I got infected and targeted for spew at the same time.. so the boss spewed me while I was still taking lots of damage from the mutated infection. Almost insta-death. /sigh

Added note: I’ve just recently started using Deus Vox bossmod. I’m finding that the several different audio alerts are very helpful. It makes one sound when he turns to spew.. and another if you’re hit by spew.. and yet another if you get the mutated infection. Very nice.

**In early Naxx progression <West Kingdom> got stymied by Grobbulus. It took nearly a month for us to get past that.

3 thoughts on “ICC with a side of Mocha

  1. You can cast from the outside of the room. Using demonic circle is a waste of a global cooldown as you can use the time to refresh an instant dot, tap some life or even cast death coil. Running back will not take you longer then the gcd you loose while using the teleport. 🙂

  2. After struggling using this method our 10 man team made a switch. Instead of running out to the off tank to be cleansed we stayed in the middle and just let the ooze be cleansed right there. Right before a big ooze would form the DK off tank would drop a DnD in the middle to pick up initial aggro from the big slime to kite it out the middle. We then rinse and repeat and allow two big oozes to merge. Although this exposed everyone to the big ooze aura our healers had no problem handling it. The big ooze aura is actually pretty week right after it forms but increases with each merge.

    Doing it this way our DPS was much higher, in fact Rotface was already about 30% before the first ooze explosion. At 10% DK uses his army and we were able to burn him down.

    Anyways, it’s just something to try if you feel you are banging your head against the wall with the regular strat. Good luck!

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