Nevermelting Ice Thingie

Having determined (or rather been pummeled about the head and neck with the fact) that the Nevermelting Ice Thingie is one trinket that is relatively easy to get (as it drops in 5-man heroics rather than 25-man heroics) and out-trinkets quite a few trinkets from ICC-25. I finally decided that rather than leaving it to luck I would instead manually sign up to run and get the trinket.

Last night I manually queued up. It actually took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to sign up for a specific dungeon. I hadn’t done that before. So I queued up.. and I waited.. and I waited. Finally it popped. Happily I started buffing.. and then a little voice in the back of my head whispered that I was a fool and a ninny with the memory of a goldfish. Despite -KNOWING- that the trinket dropped from Tyrannus (who is in Pit of Saron) I had queued for Forge of Souls.

I shuddered for a moment with my finger poised over the “drop group button” until finally another little voice chirpped that there was nice loot to be had in the Forge of Souls.. and I might as well run it.. it was a quick little instance. I swear.. if I find that little chirpy voice I will happily murder it. It could not have been more wrong.

Forge of Souls

Item the first: Elitist Group reported that both the tank and the healer were the least geared in the instance. I hesitated.. but I’ve decided to encourage newbies.. and to do my best to help them pass that awkward stage so they they can flower into useful and helpful members of our online community. I can check my aggro-swiping dps ways a bit and try to help new tanks/healers to grow. Besides.. FoS is the easist of the 3 new dungeons.

Item the second: After the wipe on James Brown the healer admited they’d never been in the instance. So they didn’t know that you couldn’t just stand at the edge of the room througout the encounter. They died to the swirls of death without even flinching towards the center of the room. We all ran back to the entrance and then started making our way back to the boss when the priest asked how to get to the instance. We then spent about 5 minutes trying to explain how to find the entrance. This was HIGHLY frustrating because we couldnt’ just go outside and show them.. and stepping outside transported me back to Dalaran.

Item the third: After three attempts on the last boss (where the tank was always the first person to die) the tank said “Sorry guys, I this is my first try tanking and I can’t do it, I’m going back to DPSing” and dropped group. One of the DPSers also dropped group.

Throughly dissatisfied and demoralized I decided to drop group as well. I know we were at the last boss.. but I think a large part of the problem was the healer.. and that person didn’t drop group.. so I wasn’t willing to continue to smash my face on the problem.

Pit of Saron (finally)

Demoralized I re-queued.. this time for the Pit of Saron. New group, a new start. This time I got a warrior tank who seemed to hold aggro. A “DPS” warrior pushing ~1.2k dps and a Rogue pushing ~6k dps. Despite the DPS warrior’s low DPS we made it speedily through the instance. I think we wiped twice.

Wipe 1: Warrior got smashed by the group on the ramp leading to the cave. I’m fairly certain that the pally healer was busy healing the other melee DPS who were taking WAY TOO MUCH DAMAGE and accidentally dropped the tank. As we were coming back into the instance the Rogue made some snide comment about how I was at fault for the wipe because I didn’t fear the mobs. I reminded Mr Rogue that they were undead. I didn’t mention that pretty much I reserver “fear” for Faction Champions. Right after that Mr. Rogue got pissy because I was doing “no dps”.

ORLY.. so I checked my recount.. and I was doing ~3.4k dps. Mr. Rogue snidely said that in average 240 ilvl gear 3.4k dps was “no damage”. I decided he was an asshat.. and no response I made would “fix” our disagreement. Replying with “the mobs die too fast” and “dots take a long time to tick” and “3.4k dps is decent for me in a 5-man” all seemed whiny. So I shut up. Honestly if I hadn’t been manually assigned to the instance.. and still after loot on the last boss I probably would have dropped group.

Wipe 2: Anyway we easily made it to the last boss and engaged. On the first pull I got the brand right after I’d fully dotted up the boss and ~1/100th of a second before a critting Shadow Bolt left my hands. So um.. between that and the boss getting big and angry.. yeah.. totally smashed the tank. The pally healer didn’t even see it coming. Honestly I’m not sure what I could have done to prevent that.. my job is to dot up the boss.. and “react faster” is nice to say.. but a shadow bolt flying through the air is… well.. nothing I can stop.

Now this is where I admit to being a bit petty.. On the second attempt at the boss we got the boss to about 20% health.. and the tank died.. So Mr. Snippy-little-rogue is tanking the boss. I’m doing my best to kill the boss.. and I get the brand.. it shows up right as I start casting a Shadow bolt. I actually spent a full second and a half looking at that situation. It’s like time slowed down.. and an evil bitch vindictive voice in my head started chatting with me (not the chirpy voice.. this is that -other- voice).

Me: Oh! I have the brand I should stop casting because any damage I do is also done to the tank. Oh.. but wait the tank is dead. Who’s tanking the boss?
Evil vindictive Nib: The Asshat Rogue
Me: Oh.. that’s not going to last for long. Evasion tanking just doesn’t work that long. The boss is bound to smash him.
Evil vindictive Nib: He’s an asshat and we’re probably going to wipe anyway. Let it cast. Maybe it will kill the boss.
Me: Oh no.. I could never do that.. that’d be.. um.. mean .. and um.. vindictive.
Evil vindictive Nib: Exactly.
Me: Oh.. look, the boss only has a sliver of health.

{Shadow Bolt is cast} {Rogue Dies} {Boss Dies}

I’d like to say I looked in Recount.. and it was actually the boss who smashed the Rogue flat. That’d be a lie.

On a happier note.. the boss dropped the Nevermelting Ice Thingie.. and I won it with a Need-100. So -my- night ended on a high note.

21 thoughts on “Nevermelting Ice Thingie

  1. That… that was epic, and glorious, and happy making. 🙂

    I’ve had, while healing in Heroic Halls of Stone, a DPS just go off as a jackass to the tank, who in my opinion was doing a great job. No wipes, steady progression, good hustle… the DPS’s problem? Not fast ENOUGH. Yes, because the DPS is the judge of tanking abilities.

    I stopped healing that DPS JUST as he pulled aggro off the tank, and watched him die intentionally, laughing my little head off.

    Because I could. And it was fun. 🙂

  2. That Trinket not that easy to get, I haven’t gotten it on my Shadow Priest and In all his runs to H PoS he has never seen that trinket drop.

    Out of great adversity comes greater and better rewards if you persist enough with some endurance. And that reward was the trinket. If you had quit in disgust by Mr Rogue or in a tantrum imagine how much longer you would have had to wait running H PoS to see the trinket. You just never know….

    Still waiting on the Nevermelting Trinket to drop, hopefully soon.

  3. Silly rogue. What, with his uber awesome, better-than-3.4k-in-240-gear dps he couldn’t finish off the boss before he died? “whattan00b…” lol

    I usually cringe when the red link/Mirrored Soul goes upon 3-Face-Whiny-Guy, because all my DoTs are going off. Unless there’s an asshat in the group, then I’m quite fine with it. Best story I have from there was the pally healer forgot to heal himself while he had the link, so he died, and then he asked us–lock, warrior, dk, rogue–to rez him. Repeatedly. /facepalmlaughter

  4. > So I queued up.. and I waited.. and I waited. Finally it popped.
    > Happily I started buffing..

    Do you buff Unending Breath or Detect Invisibility? 🙂

    Now that I wrote that… can you see these… hmmm… invisible… things with detect invisibility?

    … don’t tell me that you can see them… can you?

  5. Oh, and a tank is not supposed to tank the boss when he’s big and red. You can do that when you outgear the encounter. Otherwise you should use the intended strategy. The boss kicks the tank before he grows. So the tank should always position himself in front of an ice patch (which slows movement). When the tank gets kicked (over the ice patch) he runs away from the boss and forces the boss to walk over the ice patch. Then, return to tanking the boss when he’s small again.

  6. As a fellow lock i salute u for killing the rouge them sneaky stunlocking bastards deserve it 😛 also been messing around with the ice crystaland found it lacking on most bosses.

  7. \”Now that I wrote that… can you see these… hmmm… invisible… things with detect invisibility?

    … don’t tell me that you can see them… can you?\”

    Yes, you can.

    As for the trinket – I got it on my \’lock without knowing it even existed. A nice bonus!

    My mage, though, has yet to see it drop… and my WARRIOR has been farming NORMAL ToC for the Banner of Victory WAY, WAY, WAY too long. He has the Scorpion trinket from Forge, but still no Banner. /hate

  8. I once ran 2 guildy through DTK for quick daily heroic frost emblems. We picked up an elemental shaman and some other dps. Since I brought the raid healer from guild, I tank multiple pack of trash at a time to save time. Unfortunately, the elemental shaman thought that since I’m a well geared Paladin Tank, he’s allow to do whatever he felt like, and that include knock back Thunderstorm. After 2 warning from me, the group voted to kick him just as we’re about to pull the boss.

    Oh, that’s a very good feeling.

  9. re: dorgol

    BTW, the trinket is very bad for Arcane Mage, and sort of ok for Fire Mage. Believe it or not, for Arcane mage, the haste trinket from ToC5 normal is still very much a viable trinket.

  10. I wrote:
    >> Happily I started buffing..

    Kring wrote:
    > Do you buff Unending Breath or Detect Invisibility?

    🙂 I threw down a cookie jar and SoulStoned the healer. That’s just like buffs.. right?

  11. @Beoman
    Really the trinket is one of the top trinkets because of the .. not-an-exploit exploit where you can get a never-ending Corruption which will roll with the crit of the initial cast. So if you /use the trinket and then cast Corruption and keep it up through the fight you can keep it up with this hugely inflated crit value.

    Where GC said it’s not a bannable exploit: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/28/22419026829-blue-is-nmic-crit-rolling-an-exploit.html

    If you’re just using it through out the fight (like a NORMAL trinket) it may well come up lackluster.

  12. Last night I was healing for a guildie-tank in H-UK. The guildie doesnt’ tank often so he was being slow/careful. On the first room a rogue DPSer demanded we go faster. When we didn’t immediately comply he face-pulled the whole room.

    After we killed them (the tank died on the pull) I said in party that if he did that again the tank and I (the healer) were going to leave the group. He behaved for the rest of the run.

    Not being able to kick someone from a group has really tied my hands when it comes to getting rid of asshats.

  13. Grats on the trinket, it is a nice shiny drop. I’ve tied it to my chaos bolt, so it does an on-use each time I cast. 3min cooldown is a bit long, but considering most eat and buff a little before boss fights, the cooldown has usually finished by then. I am now curious about running affliction again to see about the never-ending aspect..

    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..How shall I spend my Emblems of Frost? =-.

  14. LOL thats funny.

    The other day I tanked for a pug Utgard Pinnacle run. Part way in the shaman healer asked if anyone else was an herbalist. No one replied but the rogue promptly ran around the shaman and picked the flower he was looking at. Then, during the next boss fight I watched the rogues health steadily drop until he was dead. Afterwards, we continued making progress down the hallway leaving the rotting corpse of the rogue behind us. A few pulls later the rogue asked if anyone was going to rez him. The healer just lawled and I replied by saying “I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here not to cross the healer.”

    A bit later the rogue caught up with us again after running into the instance. He minded his manners for the rest of the run.
    .-= Leo Diogenes´s last blog ..pt 31 The rot at the root =-.

  15. I feel your pain on this one. I’m in all 245+ gear except for my trinkets, which were both ilevel 200. I ran H-PoS 27 (yes TWENTY SEVEN) times and never saw the NIC drop. I finally got the Spyglass from ICC 10 and I don’t plan to go back.

    Check my profile (Abednego-Ysera) and count the ridiculous number of Tyrannus kills.


  16. The legal exploit to boost affliction damage is nice, but the trinket’s spell power overall is nicer for all locks. It comes out to sliiiightly more damage than Embrace of the Spider from Naxx10, and it’s better than having a pvp trinket. At least I get 4-5 more crits per fight like this.

  17. I’ve been trying to get that for my lock. It actually dropped the last time I was in there… and the jerk tank decided to need it and won it.
    The mage and I were really pissed.

  18. I did Heroic PoS for 18 days straight until I finally got my Nevermelting Ice Crystal. It’s a great boon if you can manage to keep Corruption up for the duration of the fight but otherwise Reign of the Dead is probably the better option (at least of the trinkets that I have).

    I’ve seldom encountered arrogant DPS in my random groups (besides a Rouge with a 5900 GS who managed to pull almost 10k on a boss in VH, I’m always, quietly, the top on the meters even as Affliction) but often encounter new tanks/healers. I’ve had Heroic PoS runs with DK tanks that must have just hit 80 and could barely survive the boss encounters let alone hold threat. One particularly memorable encounter was with three other guildies and a random DK tank in Heroic PoS where the DK never used Death and Decay until Tyrannus. Suffice to say things were touch and go until then and I managed to die on both prior bosses plus a couple trash pulls, each time having waited for the tank to generate an initial threat lead, soul shattered just before I pulled, regained threat on the tank, and then died.
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

  19. A frost death knight does not use Death and Decay for threat, ever. (Most DK tanks are probably frost as it’s easiest to play and most similar to a classic tank.)

    He’s using his runes for Howling Blase, Blood Boil/Blood Strike and Obliterate which provide better threat. Your rotation does not support the 3 runes DnD uses nor is it required as Howling Blast is way superior in AE threat and Obliterate is superior in single target threat.

    You can use DnD situational for pulls (30m range instead of 20m for Howling Blast or to force every mob to run through it to get initial aggro if they stand to far away to Howling Blast them all (the 4 mobs before boss 1 in UK.)). But it’s not required.

    That being said. The only time I had problem with aggro was when I forgot to activate frost presence (which increases your aggro substantial). Garfrost was real work without frost presence… :-). Now I have Smartbuff switch to frost presence when I switch spec.

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