Raiding Nostalgia

The raiding weekly on my server is to kill Sartharion. We formed up a team and found that we had 14 people interested in going. On a lark we flipped it to OS-25 to see if we could 14-man the 25-man. It turns out we could. Actually.. with 14 people in the 25-man content it made it feel almost as difficult as OS had been when we first tried it as a 10-man raid. Some of the raiders even got the achievement for completing the dungeon with less then 21 people.

I suppose the next part would be to do OS-25 with ~15 people with drakes up. I wonder how much raid DPS is necessary to do OS+3 Zerg on 25 mode.

I had a moment while running OS.. I thought to myself “But wait.. this is supposed to be hard.. I remember when this was hard”. Raids and dungeons get stuck in my head. Some are labeled as “hard” and even though my gear/skill/guild has progressed they’re still labeled “hard”. So when we go in and we take it down without a struggle.. I’m constantly stunned and surprised. In my head I’m still thinking “But wait.. this is ‘hard’.. it shouldn’t be this easy”.

I suppose after face-smashing in ICC for a while it’s nice to go back to some of the earlier content and roflstomp it.. if only to prove that we can.

4 thoughts on “Raiding Nostalgia

  1. We just did OS 25 + 3D last night with mostly guild members. We do it the old fashioned way. What makes it interesting is we silent auction the drake mount that drops. The highest bidder wins and the bid is then split amongst the other raid members. I make an easy 100-125 every week doing this. High bid last night was 2500. It’s been as high as 3300…

    Hopefully IotDS will drop one of these days… probably after i no longer need it. LOL

    A couple of the puggers we picked up have added the raid leader to their friends list so they can get in on the action…

  2. I know the feeling of labeling certain things a certain way and having a hard time progressing past that. When I farm old content for things like vanity sets, or rare mounts, I have a hard time getting past the strat of the era to see how its possible with two or three people, or even soloable, it even took me a long time to get used to the idea that you dont have to CC in 5 mans anymore.

  3. I think it is that as somepoint the hard content gets easier because of better gear, higher base stats, knowledge of your caracter and game mechanics. We just get better playing the game for the most part. The new content brings us down to the level of hardness but then I am sure at some time people will be soloing PoS with no problem at all.

  4. We do this all the time: ‘Remember when this used to be hard?’ It’s a good news, bad news sort of thing for me. The good news is it’s nice to see how much you’ve progressed both in terms of gear and in general level of play. The bad news (not really news, but you know what I mean) is it’s kind of sad to see these once-mighty bosses be brought so low. Kind of like watching former ‘A-list’ stars trying to claw their way back to relevance on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ or something.

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