2009 Blogging Retrospective

No WoW content here. Sorry, today is a day for belly-button gazing 🙂 I’m starting into my fourth year of writing this blog. I’m still enjoying it so I’ll keep doing it. It was a little rocky earlier in the year. I had some problems juggling time. In April 2009 I started co-hosting the Twisted Nether Blogcast and that ate…

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Addon: Elitist Group

Elitist Group is an addon that reviews your pug members and give you a couple of different standards to judge your group mates. It also allows you to make notes about each group member after a run. I’m not sure if it does the same thing for 10-/25-man raids. Here’s a screenshot from a recent pug. As I joined the…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-02

Nib has acquired [Perky Pug] he's SO CUTE! /dies of cute. Srsly, he barks when you click on him. AWWWWW # So we just had an "earthquake" in Dalaran. /peer That takes talent.. to have an earthquake in a floating city.. just sayin' # I got kicked from my first group today. Because I told the healer they were using…

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Red Flag on the wanna be raider

So here’s my thought process: Me: Oh goodie, a pally. We like those. We’re full up on prot but a prot/holy is a good mix and we may need that when we start doing 25s. Wonder how he’s geared. Look pally up on He seems to have last logged out in Holy gear. Hmmm all purples… 200-226 gear. Not…

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