Idle Speculation: Seed Spamming

No answers here.. this is totally a wondering.. more of a reminder to me that I need to experiment with this to find out the “real” answer… BUT:

If we’re pulling a big pack of mobs (ie, the groups in the ICC Lower spire) and I’m going to be spamming seed.. which method is better:

A) Tab, seed, tab, seed, tab, seed
B) Seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed,
C) Select high health target, Curse of the Elements, Haunt, Seed spam until 1.5 seconds before Haunt expires then refresh haunt and go back to spamming seed.

In a 10- or 25-man raid if I spam seed on a single target the first seed pops before the second seed lands. So -really- choosing new targets is a waste of motion. So I’m fairly confident that Method B > Method A.

Beyond that, what I’m really wondering is: does Haunt and/or CotEl increase the size of the initial damage done by seed.. and does it also increase the size of the damage done when seed pops? AND does that increase deflect the DPS loss from using 2 GCD to get CotEl and Haunt up on the seed target?

Hmmm I have a feeling I’ll be slaying Shoveltusks tonight 🙂

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  1. Lol, my anti-spam word was yarly. Anyway.

    I typically CotEl > SoC spam on the highest health target in the middle so that I am spamming the longest without downtime. If the highest health target is on the outside, then it kinda sucks, so I prefer middling targets. This usually ends up NOT being the tank’s target and/or skull, since the longer the mob is alive, the longer I can spam.

    I don’t know if CotEl affects the pop, but it does affect the DoT on the target. I’ll have to pay attention some more when I pop a seed with CotEl on the target.
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  2. Depends on the circumstances; if I’m solo or with a group that isn’t AoE spamming, then sprinkling seeds around works out pretty well … seed the group, seed the tank’s target, seed, and enjoy.

    The problem with that approach is that very few groups last long enough to really take full advantage of that, so single-target spamming works out better in practice.
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  3. Haha I like the seed, tab, seed, tab, seed, etc in 5-mans because there isn’t enough damage to pop the first before the second most of the time and then you get all of the popping at once and numbers fill the screen. Oh, and don’t forget the instant aggro if things don’t die, that’s always fun too… it can be a ridiculous spike of AOE damage.

    More on topic, I don’t know about damage increases, but I’ve been meaning to test it out on a dummy at some point.

  4. @Poneria
    In pulls like the trash pulls on the way to Festergut/Rotface where you get that big pack of geist and 2 scientists, 2 deformed guys.. I’ll usually single-spam seeds on the deformed guys. They’re going to out-live the geists and the scientists. Most of the time that whole group is bunched up.. though the scientists seem to wander off occasionally.

    In 5-mans where either the group has uber-dps or like in Utgarde Keep where the multi-pack pulls have very low health I’ll sometimes fall back on using RoF. That said, I think it does significantly less damage.

    I’m totally with you.. in 5-mans I seed-tab-seed-tab for multi-target pulls (assuming I’ve determined the tank will hold aggro and they mobs won’t die -too- fast).

  5. Haunt and CoE do not increase the damage the explosion does to the other targets. Only the damage of the mob which is directly affected by them. That’s why an unholy DK is amazing because he can put his 13% magic damage increase debuff on every mob with one cast.

    Your best technique is to spam SoC (and no other spell) on the one target in the center of the mobs which covers the biggest area. Your seeds will explode from the other casters AE. There is no need to tab through the targets. But if you tab you will get from time to time a target which is out of range and you will loose time or which is at the side of the mobs and you will not hit all mobs with the explosion.

  6. I will Haunt-Seed-Tab with a CoA thrown in here and there till all the mobs have CoA. 5 mans.. It depends.. I am finding that RoF is getting more work as of late in groups with decent gear.

  7. With my 73 warlock I have been using SoC alot, mostly spaming on one mob, not necessayily on the center most mob I will be trying that now. I do not use Omen, I use the in game ui that changes the color around your character picture that is in the left hand top corner, if it goes yellow I usually stop casting. Seems to work well for mobs and bosses.


  8. It’s not always important to seed the mob in the center. Most groups in 5 man dungeons are pulled to one spot where the tank is.

    Lilac mentioned the ICC trash which consists of multiple casters which are normally not pulled together but tanked by 2 or 3 tanks. it is impossible to hit all mobs with Blizzard or Raid of Fire because they are to far apart. But casting SoC on the centermost mob you will hit as much mobs as possible.

  9. I tried spamming SoC on Shoveltusks this weekend…..umm…. they all attack you at once. After a couple of ghost runs, I decided to make sure the tank has the aggro, and I spamm away now. Thanks for your blog really helping me with my lock.
    Thank You


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