Psynister asked about cooldowns on Soulstones on twitter.

Once upon a time I used Necrosis. Then it became a huge resource suck and I had to find another way to manage all the fiddly warlock things. I finally settled on using a lot of macros. I use ALOT of macros.. and they’re constantly changing as I improve them.. or change how I want to use them.

Here’s the stone macros I’m using currently.

For Soulstone I have a button on my UI which maps to the following macro:


/use [nomod,button:1] Demonic Soulstone
/cast [mod][button:2]Create Soulstone
/opt [nomod,button:1] /say I will just take %t’s soul and put it in this little shard. There.. safe and sound.

If I have no soulstone (and haven’t had one since I logged on) then the ? icon will show.
If I hold down a mod(shift, ctrl, alt) the icon changes to the “create soulstone” icon.
If I right click the icon it will attempt to create a soulstone. It will also create a soulstone if I hold down a mod and either right or left click the icon.
Without a mod, if I left-click and I have a soulstone it will put that soulstone on my current target, self if I have no target.

If you do not have the addon “MacroTalk” then remove the last line of the macro. If you -do- have “MacroTalk” installed then the last line will /say with the name of the person you’re soulstoning.

I also use the addon “OmniCC” which put the cooldown of the spell (soulstone in this case) onto the face of the button.

I haven’t done it.. but I could also add a trigger to “Power Aura” so it would make a sound and alert me when the ability “Create Soulstone” comes off cooldown.

Fire/Spellstone macro:

/use [nomod,button:1]Grand Spellstone
/cast [nomod,button:2] Create Spellstone
/use [mod,button:1]Grand Firestone
/cast [mod,button:2] Create Firestone
/use [button:1] 16

With no modifier held down:
– If I have no Spellstone in my inventory the icon shows as a ?. If I have a stone the icon will show how many charges are left on the spellstone.
– Right-click to create a spellstone.
– Left-click to apply a Spellstone to my weapon.
If I hold down a modifier (shift, alt, ctrl):
– if I have no firestone the icon will change to a ? otherwise it will show how many charges are left on my firestone.
– Right-click to create a new firestone.
– Left-click to apply a Firestone to my current weapon.


/use [nomod] Fel Healthstone
/cast [button:2,nomod] Create Healthstone
/opt [mod:shift] /say C is for Cookies. Nom Nom Nom!
/cast [mod:shift] Ritual of Souls

If I have no healthstone (and haven’t had one since I logged on) , show a ?. (If I’ve had a healtstone before now then a “spent” healtstone will show on the UI. If I receive a different size healtstone than the one I had earlier in this session then the “spent” healthstone will continue to show. I normally just drag this odd-sized cookie to my bar so I use it in the fight)(I don’t know of a way around that)
If I have a healthstone left-click to consume it.
Right-click to create a new cookie.
Hold down shift and left or right click to call down a cookie jar.

If you don’t have the addon “MacroTalk” installed you will need to remove line 4 (/opt…).

10 thoughts on “Stoned

  1. I have a spell stone macro on my demonology bar and a fire stone macro on my destruction bar. I don’t need a fire stone for demonology nor a spell stone for destruction, ever. That saves me the modifiers, but consumes 2 macro slots.

  2. @Kring
    At the time when the macro was written I had just run out of macro spaces for my warlock. I’ve since been able to free up a few spaces.. but once I had the macro written I didn’t see any reason to re-write it.

  3. Since the beginning of Wrath, I’ve been using ShardAce: It captures a lot of the functionality of the old Necrosis without all the bloat and it still works well even though it hasn’t been updated in months. I’m a macro junkie as well (mostly lead off rotation macros and targetting macros) but ShardAce/forteXcorcist have been a great replacement for Necrosis for me.
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

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