Iced Coffee, Extra Smooth

Last week <Caffeine> -finally- downed Rotface. I wasn’t in the run. We’d been late getting home from visiting family. I’m -really- really- pleased that the guild was able to down Rotface without either myself or my honey (a guild tank) in the run. I have my fingers crossed (hard) that we’ll be able to do it again. Sometimes the second downing is almost more noteworthy than the first. After 6 weeks of being stuck on him I really hope we can do it again this week.

Last night the raid reset and we started over at Marrowgar. We had one unfortunate wipe on Marrowgar where one of our only two healers died (and then a tank) but after we picked ourselves up and brushed ourselves off from that the rest of the night was .. oddly easy.

We killed everthing up to and including Saurfang. IN FACT we even killed Saurfang before he could cast even one Mark of the Fallen Champion.

Normally we have a druid who roots one of the beasts while we focus fire the other down.. and then turn back and kill the rooted beast. This time our only druid was also one of the only two healers.. with only having two healers he wasn’t going to have time to root a beast. So instead we split up the beast and had one killed off by two mages and the other killed off by the hunter and (me) the Warlock. It went AMAZINGLY smooth. Since both beast were killed independantly we had them done normally with about 20 more seconds until the next set would spawn. This gave us ALOT of face time with the boss. Boom Boom Boom. Saurfang down.

We’ll be continuing this run on Thursday. I’m excited that we might actually be able to make legitimate attempts on Putricide. That’d be spiff.

We called the ICC run after Saurfang. We only had two healers available and really need 3 for Rotface/Festergut. Rather than just dispersing we ran off to Wintergrasp to complete VoA-10. While we were in there I picked up Dark Coven Gloves. With that I was finally able to justify picking up the Dark Coven Robe so I could have a 2-piece T10 (which I needed in order to justify breaking up my 4-piece T9). I still need to fiddle my gear around to make sure I’m a hit cap with the new pieces. I guess I’ll work on that later tonight.

Oh! Added bonus, last night we were able to offer full-guild-membership to Stop from Stoppable Force. Just about a month ago he transferred his Death Knight over to be in our guild. He’s working out really well as a guild tank.

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  1. grats on the free t10 gloves. I had a terrible time deciding on purchasing a new chest (t10 or meteor chaser’s) and decided on the off-tier piece. (see blog link below). I don’t raid enough to get the santified token, and though the itemization on the off-tier a bit better. Still running around with 1xTier10 and 2xTier9 pieces.
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Decision made – 95 emblems spent. =-.

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