Good News Everyone

Rotface is totally a pansy. We’ve killed him twice. He’s totally on farm.

We also downed Yogg-Saron (yeah us!). He’s also kind of a pansy (when you totally out-gear him).

Putricide is a punk. Hate him. He can take his fking good news and stuff it up his skiny ass. We made lots of attempts on Putricide. At best we killed one green slime before it ate the whole raid.

Trash in Crimson Hall can also get good news stuffed up their ass. Fking bastards. No attempts on Blood princes. Seriously, the trash kicked our asses. Bastards.

But hey.. at least we’re 6/12 in ICC. Go us!

10 thoughts on “Good News Everyone

  1. For the blood prince trash… have one tank pick up everything and one tank pick up just the tactician. The tactician is a pita rogue that will sap the tank making them unable to avoid any attacks while also taking bleed damage from the sap. So if one tank tries to pick up all of them plus the tactician.. they will die in very short order.

    For the green oozes… if you don’t have the dps to bring down the green ooze before it reaches its target make sure everyone collapses on the target because the explosion damage is split between raid members. Now on the gas cloud… don’t do that or you will all die the person targeted needs to run like there is no tomorrow.

  2. Nibs, how do you really feel about them? You seem to be holding back. πŸ˜‰

    I found Teh Perfesser much less of a pain in the ass on my ‘lock than I do on my ret pally. I love his lines, though. He’s almost cool enough to be a gnome.

  3. Congrats on Rotface.

    I totally agree that Putricide is a pain! He’s my most hated boss of ICC so far. Wait until you get to the malleable goo part! πŸ˜›
    .-= Jasyla´s last blog ..Icecrown Citadel Zone Buff =-.

  4. “I found Teh Perfesser much less of a pain in the ass on my β€˜lock than I do on my ret pally. I love his lines, though. He’s almost cool enough to be a gnome.”

    I’m a little surprised he’s not a giant leper gnome, ’cause now that you mention it, he sounds kind of similar to Krick…
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..Rotface =-.

  5. My guild is also 6/12 in ICC in 10 man and have gotten to <50% on Putricide in only about six or so tries. There is a great rhythm to that fight, much as in the Saurfang encounter after my group had the coordination down.

    As for the Blood Princes, I was excited for my chance to lock tank; then I failed miserably. If you are asked to take on that role, here are some tips I quickly learned but haven't had time to implement myself (waiting for this week's run):

    -You'll be tanking Prince Keleseth, who starts out on the left of the platform as you face it. However, you don't want to stay there. Instead, after grabbing his attention, make your way ASAP to the center of the room while grabbing the first Dark Nucleus that appears.

    -Speaking of those purple orbs of shadowy goodness, you need them to survive Kelseth's Shadow Lances. The problem I ran into was two fold. I was using Corruption to tag the orbs but at my current gear level, a full rank Corruption was, if refreshed, enough to kill off an orb. This led to me having four orbs right before Keleseth got empowered, two die off just as he got the "Invocation of Blood" buff, and a 40k shadow lance to the face.

    The Dark Nuclei have a pretty simple on/off threat table. Attack them with anything and they are on you until attacked by something else. So………. use a rank 1 Curse of Agony and you won't have to worry about them dieing so soon (and don't refresh it, you don't have to).

    -The other major problem I had was trying to gather the Dark Nuclei in the first place. I was trying to do it all myself which was difficult if not impossible because while you're tanking Keleseth, Valanarr is setting of Kinetic Bombs that will kill you if you're in range (particularly if he is empowered at the time). So, it's best to tank Keleseth in the middle of the room with the other two princes on the stage and have the other ranged dps/healers drag over any orbs that might spawn near them at the periphery of the room.

    Otherwise, spec shouldn't matter for this fight. If you can keep enough nuclei on you, just go wild on Keleseth for a bit to build up initial threat and then you can help out dpsing the other princes when appropriate. If you're affliction, drain soul for your filler as he does only have 1 hp when not active.

  6. Congratulations on your kill πŸ™‚

    Have you downed Putricide now? Looking at the blog posts date you had about a month to farm rep-cost… I mean gather experience on killing that punk ;D
    .-= rogue leveling guide´s last blog ..Horde Rogue Leveling Guide – Start Leveling Your Horde Rogue =-.

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