Fascination with Frozen Orbs

I had a /facepalm moment.

To set the stage.. last week (and frankly ever since the 3.3.3 change to Frozen Orbs were announced) I’ve dutifully ran my daily heroic. At the end of every heroic I hesitated over the Frozen Orb. Do I greed and hope that no one else has already needed it.. do I wait until everyone else has chosen and THEN make my choice. It was maddening. If I hit greed and then someone else needed I thought they were an asshat. I RAGED at them being an asshat. If I waited.. and then 1 out of the four other people hit Need.. and THEN hit Need.. well then I felt like an asshat. I don’t like that.. I don’t want to be an asshat.. and I dispise being under the influence of asshats.

So last night I finally hit on the answer. At the beginning of the run I type out in party:
/p Hi all! To avoid confusion, everyone please roll need on the orb.

Ta da. Suddenly I’m not worried about it. I roll need.. and the others roll need..and it’s all fair and nifty. In fact last night someone rolled greed.. and for like a split second I felt bad.. like OMG maybe he missed when I put that into the party chat.. but almost immediately he typed “Oops, I forgot.”

So there. My stress level is lowered. All is good in my world again. It was so freaking easy I’m amazed I didn’t think of it sooner.

7 thoughts on “Fascination with Frozen Orbs

  1. I do the same thing, basically. I have a macro that outputs to /party.

    It goes something like this: “As of 3.3.3, Frozen Orbs are considered a currency. I will be rolling need. You should too if you want a fair shot at them.”

  2. Same here. One person asked why, I said mainly the same thing that they are a use to a lot of people. I also cant understand why people need greens in a heroic. Asking one time to a person I got the answer “I have an alt that can use it” So I said me too and started needing and told everyone esle to do also. The other thing is people passing on stuff, I dont know anyone that dosent need the gold but I guess some do. I love the disenchating button also.

  3. I did that too once or twice. The problem is, if someone rolls greed because he forgot, it’s actually your fault, at least partially. Sure, you told them. But you made up a new rule for your convenience and everyone who doesn’t follow it is at a disadvantage. If you wouldn’t have posted your rule all 5 people in the group probably would have run greed and the one person wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

    I would suggest posting the macro again before the end boss.

    And please be aware of the fact that most tanks can’t read party chat because they are busy paying attention to the environment and pulling fast enough to not let stupid DD or healers pull and they are forced to keep an eye on 5 mobs and spot back the correct one. 🙂 Once upon a time it was the DDs job to stay behind the tank, these days it’s the tanks job to stay in front of the DD. Which is actually challenging.

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