Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Phone upgrade. Old and busted: Blackberry Storm >>> New and shiny: Motorola Droid So far Droid is totally kicking Storm's ass. #
  • Overheard in Vent: "I will eat your fish & become a pirate ARR or a ninja hiyah" Where else is that a totally valid statement? #lovemyguild #
  • Help me twitter.. what's the online app.. where people can draw… and the app records what strokes they use & you can replay the process? #
  • My guild <Caffeine> is LFM (esp healers/dpsers). I'm the GM. More info here: We raid M,T,Th, Sun 7:30p-11:00p PST. #
  • AH hah! Found it! (was "Help me twitter.. what's the online app.. where people can draw… and the app records wha…") #
  • Anyone have a Droid? What's your favorite apps for it? LF suggestions. #
  • Dante's Inferno Game review ( Best line: "Actually, the giant purple topless demon with monkey feet…has a point." #
  • #droid app Shazam is teh awesome. Fire up the app when you hear a song you want to know info about. Info incl link to buy. #
  • I used Nest Unclutterer to tidy up my Twitter account and fight Twitter spam: #
  • New MC Post: State of the UI: March 2010 #
  • Anyone happen to notice that if you read the rise/fall of Google and replace "Google" with "Skynet" you have the Terminator story? #
  • ZOMG my life is now circular.. Our guild website (on NING) now has a way to publish info as a Facebook App. I'm scared. #
  • ORLY RT @starmike: Apple dev program $99, down from $500 #
  • Only 1.58% of strict 10 guilds have got the Orb Whisperer. Only 1.63% of guilds have killed Putricide. Maybe we're not so bad. #
  • Ruminations on Leadership. The Lone Nut vs the First Follower (via keredria at Tree of Life) #
  • I LOL'd "In the future there will be geek girls." #
  • TNB Starting soon!! We're talking with @MollyBerry . You should totally be in in our live chat room #

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