Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • WARNING WARNING I have a sore throat.. We need massive quantities of Vitamin C STAT!!! #
  • Caffeine on US-Khaz Modan-A is recruiting healers & ranged DPS for 10s. We raid 7:30p-10:30p PST T, Th, Sun, M. Plz RT. #
  • /whine if we had healers we'd be in ICC right now kicking the Blood Princes teeth (at best we got them to 37% last night). WTB healers PST. #
  • /Snork /honk /sniffle /sneeze ok, I thing my co'd is gedding bedder #
  • Tron Legacy Trailor 12-17-2010 #
  • Post-Serenity/firefly comic book planned #
  • New MC post: Outfitter + Pawn Two addons with their powers combined are greater than any single addon (evil laughter). #
  • I'm bothered that I ran into the toons Eiwah and Eywah yesterday.. Avatar hasn't been out that long.. it's too soon to copy names from it. #
  • You know.. sometimes I look away from Twitter for a while.. and when I look back it's all WTF with a vague look of thinly veiled horror. #
  • RT @SeriouslyCasual: RT @teeniegeek: Guildie: how do i check my gear score? Me: ask a douchebag. #
  • 7×7 SF "The 2010 Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die" #
  • New MC post: "Rotface Strategy Notes" (with pictures) (thanks @fulguralis for the inspiration) #
  • Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday.. does that mean I get to sleep in or get up earlier next week? Spring ahead.. ugh. #
  • Lunch today: homemade tomato soup. I'm reminded that my tomato soup is to die for and that I need to make it more often. #
  • Last night my 'lock got the title "Twilight Vanguisher" OS-25 +3. It's sad that it feels like cheating since I got the title in a pug. #
  • TNB starting now!! Roundtable with @stoppableforce @ladygypsy @theelitists @typhoonandrew and @daewin Join us! #
  • Paladin Tshirt suggested by @ladygypsy "I'm a Paladin, I judge" #
  • Great round table! Can't wait for Fim to get it edited and uploaded. I had a blast!! Wish you had been there. #

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