I really hate Culling of Stratholm. It’s not the instance’s fault.. it just is what it is. I’m vaguely annoyed by the interminable standing around waiting for Arthas to finish roleplaying.. but really.. it’s the people that piss me off.

Inevitably I’ll get into CoS run up the ramp, grab the arcane thingy as 2-3 of the other people in the group go zipping past. They didn’t bother. Someone else will zap the boxes.. so they don’t need to bother. Their time is too precious.. they’ve got places to be (like up near the gate waiting for the RP event to start).

Well last week I snapped.

I’d had a hard day at work.. and I just wasn’t in the mood. I zoned in to CoS, picked up my disrupter and watched all 4 of the other people in the instance mount up and ride for the gate. They didn’t even hesitate. Just off like a shot. I even typed in party “please zap the boxes”. Nope they weren’t having any of that.

So I got my Arcane Disrupter and zapped a box 1/5. Feeling a bit pissy about it. Zapped box 2/5. Feeling more pissy I reasoned that if I just zapped the boxes I’m reinforcing that it’s perfectly ok what they’re doing.. zapped 3/5 I’m in fact encouraging them. 4/5 I’m PISSED. I’m SEEING RED I can hardly breath.

So I run up to the 5th box.. and I stopped and I stared at the box for a while. I waited. I wanted to see how long it would actually take them to actually notice. Eight minutes later one of them rode back to me to figure out the problem.

In /p I typed “There are 5 people in this instance.. and 5 boxes that need to be zapped by anyone who get a disrupter from Chromie at the entrance. Four of you fail. I wanted to see how long it would take you wastes of pixels to notice. I’ve just stolen 10 minutes of your life.”

I believe this was greeted with “LOL it’s just a game” and “someone’s way to serious” and I think I told them they could all eat a bowl of cock***.. but it’s kinda fuzzy after that. The one person who rode back actually had to go all the way intot he basement to get a disrupter.. and run all the way back to box 5 to zap it.. By this time I only had 5 minutes on my debuff so I dropped group. I figured they’d kick me at their earliest convenience anyway and I didn’t want to spend one more minute with them… I was PISSED.

I -wish- I’d been a healer or a tank.. but unfortunatley I was DPS. So all it did was rile me up and piss me off.. but now everytime I zone into CoS.. I remember “eat a bowl of cock”.. and smile bitterly.

***I honestly don’t think I’ve ever said “eat a bowl of cock” or typed it for that matter.. so it was surprising to see that flow off my finger tips.

16 thoughts on “ZAP THE DAMN BOXES

  1. You know… I don’t know that I’ve ever zapped the boxes. In fact, I know I haven’t. People kind of dragged me through the instance the first 10 times or so, so I actually never “learned” how. I wouldn’t even know where they were since the few times at the beginning I tried to do it, they were already zapped. That said, if somebody in party asked me to “zap the boxes”, I’d probably go back to try and figure it out and help.

    I think I was even in a group that all 5 people walked past it once. Somebody went back… it obviously wasn’t me.
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  2. Oh how I agree with you!! I am one of those that always zap the boxes… maybe next time I’ll take a leave out of your book and tell them to go eff themselves – after all, I’m a tank *evil grin*
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  3. I’ve dropped group from CoS – twice – because people didn’t zap boxes. And I’m the tank.

    The first time, I zoned in and got a little frustrated. As I walked towards Chromie I told myself that if only ONE person talked with Chromie, I would stay. No one stopped.

    The 2nd time, I zoned into a “heroic in progress”. 4 people sitting in Strat – not a single box zapped. I /p “Good job on those crates, guys!” and dropped group.

    The worst one, though, which I didn’t drop group from: I grabbed the disruptor, zapped all 5 crates, and went to Strat. 6 minutes later I realized that no one had bothered to talk to Chromie. So the RP hadn’t even STARTED.

    I’ve stopped doing CoS at this point. I’ve never disliked Oculus, Halls of Stone were annoying, but it’s Culling of Strat (the one I was most excited about pre-WotLK) that I will drop group nearly every time.

  4. My “favorite” omg+idiots+/facepalm is like dorgol’s: people who don’t even know how to start the RP. Especially funny to see Mr. GoGo not bother to start Arthas going at the bookshelf.

    I just grab a disruptor anyway now. Though I’m usually in luck that I have another or two of the same mind who beats me to the crates or jumps to the next crate while I’m doing the first one, etc.

    And why is Halls of Stone annoying? I never found it annoying. =/
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  5. I have good news for you. In 3.3.3, hCOS will have a fast-forward skip button to allow you to bypass all/most of the role-play.

    Culling of Stratholme

    * Players may now skip the initial introduction dialog to this dungeon once they have completed it at least once.

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  6. I zapped boxes once in 2008 when there was a quest involved. I know i have never talked to Arthas. I would have just been puzzled at your comments if I were one of the 4 in your group. Ironically, since this is going away, presumably tonight, you and anyone who reads this will never zap another box in their life.

  7. At least one thing you got to see is the RP after you zap a box.
    I don’t remember it well because I don’t see it often, but one guy walks up and says “can I check your grain”, or another box a dog walks over and starts barking at the box, and somewhere else a soldier walks up.

  8. A few days ago I got a random group where 2 or 3 other people where zapping boxes. I had to race to get two boxes. Luckily I have crusader aura. I was really irritated by that group.

    It’s the tanks job to do the crates. If you sign up as tank you also sign up as baby sitter. (No smiley here as I’m not sure if that was sarcastic or not.)

  9. This has always annoyed me there. However, just the other day, this exact thing happened but it was the worst I had ever seen. I was the last to enter the dungeon, I saw that 2 crates had been zapped already so I figured “Cool! I don’t have to do it this time!”. Wrong! The guy doing them for some reason only does 4/5 then proceeds to the gate. We’re all there and I say “Umm…why didn’t you finish the crates?” No answer. So I ride all the way back to Chromie, grab a zapper, zap the last crate, and then start the role play, 5min after we had already been in there. I was pissed. I hate that place.

  10. @funkyboss
    Did they tell you to “eat a bowl of cock”? ‘Cause that’s what I would have done.


  11. @kring re “It’s the tanks job to do the crates” – doesn’t WoW pay people, i.e. extra reward, to be the group leader? If so, then I don’t think it is unreasonable for the person who voluntarily signed up to accept extra loot should do the boxes. Back in the day when people had to do boxes.

  12. @Linda Pelfrey
    Ya no. They talked about having bigger rewards for group leaders.. but then they changed their minds. No bonus rewards for leading.

  13. LFD 5 man groups do no longer have a group leader. They only have a “dungeon guide” which is a person who should be familiar with the instance and the bosses, the person you can ask about encounter mechanics. When you sign up for LFD you can select if you are willing to do the job of the “dungeon guide” or not. But there is no longer a “leader”. Leader only exist in groups you create without the LFD or raids.

  14. I love doing it as a Druid, I just go to Travel form, and the item is off cooldown as soon as I get to the next box, I don’t even have to stop. As far as people helping, I don’t really care, it would save, what, 20 seconds? Although, I do understand your pain. It is what is called a pet peeve. Them waiting that long to help? That is above and beyond stupid, though.


  15. Love that “EABOC”. That could be a new character…Loving the blog… please more funny stories…

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