Mimiron and Spec Fiddling

News Flash: Mimiron is still hard.

We’re taking a week off of raiding ICC to finish up our Ulduar achievements. Last night we downed Thorim, Freya and Mimiron. I have only ever done Mimiron once.. and that was me on my healer helping another guild to do hard-mode.. I’ve only seen it once.. and I don’t think we made it out of phase one.

Even with totally out-gearing the content.. Mimiron is still hard. There’s just so much happening all at once.. and 100 little different ways to die. We did kill him in the end.. but it was a close thing. I think we wiped on him ~12 times.

After that run I finally picked up my T10 helm. It’s the last piece I needed to get the 4 piece bonus. T10 for warlocks has alot of hit. Gear which I have which is best-for-dps for me also has alot of hit. This means I’ve been practically swimming in hit. I was spec’d 3/3 in Suppression and had 389 hit. Bah. That’s way too much no matter how you consider the buffs. I tried really hard to find gear to swap out the hit.. but I just couldn’t get my hands on any of it.. so I’ve come up with a new (better and more expensive) plan.

The plan:
Step 1: Respec to drop Suppression.
Step 2: Fiddle gear to get to hit cap.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit.

So here’s the new spec I’m rocking: 56/00/15

From my old spec, this drops Suppression, Curse of Exhaustion (which I had picked up for the Faction Champions and the Saurfang fight) and Improved Life Tap and instead picks up Dark Pact and Fel Concentration. If it turns out I can’t function without Curse of Exhaustion then I think I’ll drop Dark Pact and pick it up. OR I’ll drop Dark Pact and 1 point in Fel Concentration and pick up 1 point in Improved Life Tap and Curse of Exhaustion.

Why Dark Pact? Common knowledge says that now that it can trigger the life tap glyph, Dark Pact is a better bet then even improved life tap. Something about how it rewards more mana per tap.. and therefore frees you up to cast other spells more (or something like that).

Why Fel Concentration? In running through ICC I’ve found a lot of fights with somewhat constant AOE interruptions. These cause my cast time to be longer than it should be.. or cut ticks off of my channeled spells. Maxing out Fel Concentration should improve my dps by pushing back on these interruptions. Add to that.. I don’t think the models proper account for the benefit of -not- being interrupted(or being interrupted less often).. so I think they undervalue this talent.

Anyway, long story long… After I dropped Suppression I found that I didn’t have enough hit. I ended up buying the pattern for and making the Deathfrost Boots. They were both a DPS upgrade over my Prelate Boots and have a whooping 64 hit on them. That’s 6 Primordial Saronite ouch.

I respec’d and then fiddled my gear around. I ended up changing out two pieces of gear and having to get 6 new gems (for new gear) and three enchantment so it was a bit spendy. With my best DPS gear on I’m at 418 hit rating.. which means if I have only the Draenei buff I’m 2 hit rating below the hit cap. If I have the Spriest or Druid raid buff then I’m well over hit cap. If I have no hit buff(no draenei (like that ever happens) and no spriest/druid) then I can swap my off-hand item (to a lower DPS/higher hit off-hand) and get 455 hit rating.

I think I’m going to leave it at 418 for now.

On a test dummy I was pulling 5.2k DPS so I guess it’s alright. We’ll see how it performs in raids.

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  1. After reading that common knowledge link to EJ about Dark Pact vs. Life Tap…my question is, does it still generate more mana now that Life Tap has been changed to a conversion of spellpower? (They’re getting it ready for Cataclysm, I believe.)
    .-= Poneria´s last blog ..Rambling =-.

  2. How do you convince your guild to do Ulduar? None of my guild wants to do it, but when we made the guild (In Feb) this was something that all the officers and I agreed we wanted to do. I am very achievement minded, and having not played much through this expansion, really want my drake.

    However, I schedule Ulduar and they whine. I scheduled it on an off night, and I know that if I were to schedule it on an ICC night they’d go, but wouldn’t be very happy. One of our off tanks basically complained about how they didn’t want to go something and do hard modes when we couldn’t even down all the bosses.

    WHich is totally not true, we’ve downed every boss we’ve gotten to. The problem is people love to take AFKs during Ulduar. We overgear Ulduar, it shouldn’t be a problem. But people are lazzy and sloppy and don’t pay attention. Ulduar requires a lot of attention and movement.

    Anyway, last raid they started whining about this when I made an optional calendar invite for it… and Wow. It was really hard not to give them a piece of my mind. Part of me is tempted to drag them into it just because of their poor attitude about things sometimes.

  3. The latest simcraft numbers put the Life Tap and Dark Pact specs dead even in BiS gear. Personally I never specced out of Life Tap because I was hesitant to tie my primary mana source to a moving, and sometimes dead, pet. Also, at least for me, I hadn’t reached the spellpower/spirit numbers that would have made Dark Pact significantly better than Life Tap.

    Also, Nibuca, why do you try to gear so much over the raid buffed hit cap? I can understand wanting to be safe in the event that the Spriest or Boomkin bites it, or if you don’t happen to regularly run with someone to provide the hit debuff, but otherwise it seems like wasted stats.

    Now that you have the 4 piece Tier 10 bonus, you might try incorporating the proc into your big Corruption that you hardcast at the beginning. Since it is a proc off of UA ticks, you’ll have to wait for the “Devious Minds” buff to come up. When it does, blow your potion of Wild Magic and Nevermelting Ice Crystal and recast Corruption to get an improved critical strike + 10% damage bonus Corruption rolling for the rest of the fight (or at least till 35%). Alternatively, have a non-Combat rouge TotT you at the beginning of the fight.

    I finally frapsed a video of one of my guild’s runs, which I think demonstrates a pretty good showing on Rotface10 for Affliction Warlocks:

    Lastly, finally caught up with my backlog of Rawrcast and was happy to hear you on the Warlock roundtable.

  4. @Sean
    I agree, I’m still a bit iffy about the Dark Pact. I’ll try it out for a while and see how it goes.

    In-guild we run strictly 10-mans. We have no Shadow Priests.. and we have a single boomkin who -occasionally- makes it. So it’s exceptionally rare that I have the 3% raid buff in our in-guild runs. That said, even with fiddling my gear around the gear that I have which has +hit is my gear with the highest dps yield. I don’t have higher DPS items to switch too. The lowest I could get my hit was 418. Literally, if I drop +hit items to get only 340 hit I’d be using lower dps items.

    The Warlock Roundtable was fun. It was interesting to be able to chat with the guys from a top performing guild and hear that they do the same things I do.. just better :).

  5. Well.. we put it on the schedule.. we offer EP points for it.. we offer EP points for having it completed.. and still we’ve been scheduling it for the last 3-4 weeks. We have a lot of people who are mysteriously unable to make it to Ulduar.

    Finally we just declared that we weren’t going to ICC again until we finished Ulduar in-guild. I mean finished as in did all the bosses on regular mode. We haven’t even started on hard-modes yet. Right now we’re on General V and should finish Ulduar up by Monday.

    We’ll see if we can “convince” people to do the hardmodes after that.

  6. DUnno if this would help at all, but theres a couple Locks in my guild that could be of some use to look over spec/gear combo and see that way what could be useful to you.

    (Destro)Psiko(Orc) on Ysera in Sick Puppies
    (Affliction)Valanczar(Blood Elf) on Ysera in Sick Puppies

    I post this only because it might help, not saying they’re the end all, be all but it could be useful in finding new spec ideas that maybe went under the table. ^^

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