Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Sigh RT @wowcynwise: Also, "Warlocks using a lower rank of Life Tap will receive a reduced benefit from their shadow spell power" #
  • Anyone else notice smoke flares expiring -very- early? I'm talking like 10 seconds… @warcraft #
  • "Male vs Female color name" #
  • If you tied my hands down.. I would in fact be unable to communicate. #truefacts #
  • I remember.. GMAIL was announced on a 4/1.. my ofc spent a long time debating whether it was a hoax. This is why 4/1 launches are bad. #
  • In the gunship battle, Muradin Bronzebeard swears "By me own beard". It made me laugh. #
  • "Health care reform is a BFD" Tshirt #
  • Irreverent Blues make me LOL RT @WOWBlue: Remove ICC from weekly raid #
  • SO . MUCH . WRONG!! "How a fish almost destroyed my childhood" (made of win and awesome) #
  • Ok, one more.. Solution for "close talkers" #
  • Interesting concept video about muti-touch technology. Death to the mouse. #
  • Australian's are weird. "Australian PSA Warns That Texting While Driving Results in Frisky Gingers" #
  • TGIF!! TNB soon. (not an april fools joke) Talking with Amatera from LoreHound. Hope to see you there! #

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