Meatloaf AGAIN???

… and then we did ICC
… and then we did ICC
… and then we did ICC
… and then we did ICC

Meh. I’m so sick of ICC.. either we’re breezing through bosses we know (that we’re doing again because someone needs something off of them) or we’re repeatedly face smashing on whichever boss is the “progression” boss of the moment. Three hours of kissing the floor.. repeatedly.

We’ve downed Putricide um.. once.. maybe twice.. dunno.. downing and spending all night face smashing is starting to feel the same.

We’ve downed the Princes.. twice.. I think.. maybe three times.

And honestly the repetition doesn’t make for good blogging. Meh.

/deep breath
I think we need some variety. A change of scenery. Something to look at besides the icy-cold floor of the last progression dungeon of the expansion.

We have been poking at ToGC and Ulduar Hardmodes. It’s something at least.

5 thoughts on “Meatloaf AGAIN???

  1. Our guild took a break from putricide and did Valithria Dream walker.. and just got her down last night. So back to Putricide on saterday…

    And yeah.. after so much time in ICC I start to think about random things like.. for being a bastion of the undead the inside of ICC is very… clean and empty… I think the piles of bone in Auchindon(sp)seemed much more scourgy to me.. *shrug*

  2. I’m about to join you, at least on my 10 man runs, banging my face against the proverbial LK wall. My group will be starting Lich King attempts this week and I expect it will take at least a couple of weeks of extended raids to see him down.

    ICC25’s have been a different and more depressing story. My guild is still 6/12. Every week it seems to be the same story. Blitz through the first wing in 45 minutes; one shot Festergut and struggle a bit with Rotface but see him down in one or two attempts; and then wipe for 45 minutes or so on Dreamwalker if we even have the time. Our continuation run sees much less attendance and since my guild is barely fielding a simple majority of our 25 man runs, it is a weekly struggle just to get it going.

    That also means that the quality of players in our raids runs the gamut from extremely skilled to stand-in-the-fire autoattackers. In our last three Festergut kills I’ve topped out as best DPS at 12k+ while the stragglers are pulling less than the tanks and doing 1/4 to 1/3 of my total damage.

    The inconsistency in our raid roster bothers me more than the progression wall we’re currently running up against. A raid filled with several people who are effectively serving as warm bodies and nothing more does not a progression raid make. Yet, that is what my guild has been forced to do to get ICC25s going at all.

  3. Bad shit, hope you get some progression soon or else I predict that the “best” members of your guild will find the grass much greener in other guilds.

    Also, Sean, learn to handle defile and LK is easy. Have ALL set LK as their focus and someone yell DEFILE so all spread out ASAP.

  4. Second week of LK 10 man attempts… extending the ID till he dies.

    25 man… 9/12 with blood queen, sindy and LK still up. Blood queen makes me want to cry… but at least our putricide strat for 25 man is working great. 2 weeks in a row now. If only we could get a DECENT second night group we may actually be able to down blood queen.
    .-= Whats my main again?´s last blog ..Stress and Relaxation? =-.

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