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  • Blizz Store continues to hate me. My order for Star Pony -still- won’t go through. This makes me sad. I may actually have to call and talk to a human being to complete my order. Yeah.. because sitting on hold to get them to take my money was on the TOP of my list of things to do.
  • I was Raid Lead for our 10-man this week. Mostly it was alts and don’t-play-very-often mains. I felt all fuzzy and disconnected. I haven’t lead a raid in MONTHS. I think I need to un-rustify myself.
  • Roose texted me and asked if I’d noticed a DPS drop. Roose is another warlock on our server. I know him outside the game. He said that after Tuesday’s deploy he noticed a drop in DPS and asked if I’d noticed the same. I had, sort of, but since I was raid leading I didn’t pay much attention to it (Raid leading was distracting me from optimizing my rotations). Also, since it was and alt-ish run.. even though I think I was personally down in DPS I still came in at a top DPS position. Any other warlocks notice a drop?
  • Another, more advanced guild decided to join <Caffeine>. A lot of things when into their decision.. and in fact they had to do a server transfer to join.. I think we got 18 new accounts. This doubles the size of Caffeine and suddenly puts 25-mans into reach. It also will inevitably lead to some growing pains.
  • We need to adjust our policies to account for the increased number of people.. and we also need to work diligently to integrate the new people. I don’t want to end up with Us and Them. We are Caffeine. They will be assimilated. We will add their distinctiveness to our own.
  • The in-game interface for adding/adjusting guild ranks SUCKS. I need to add some intermediate ranks and I’m dreading the task.
  • Stop from Stoppable Force (who’s a tank in Caffeine) mentioned that in Cataclysm, in addition to limiting us to one raid size per lockout.. they’re also talking about letting you change from a 10- to 25-man on a boss by boss basis (blue link). This is super hot. I’m totally in favor of that. Granted.. if you go from 25 to 10.. then 15 people get gyped out of the seeing the last of the dungeon.. but hey.. if they were really worried about that they would have showed up for the second night of raiding.
  • If you haven’t read this you really should (yes, I made the title on purpose.. and yes, everytime I see Alot I giggle inside).

3 thoughts on “Alot of Random

  1. I did notice last night that I was even further behind the other dps than I normally am.

    I just chocked it up to me being on the horrors instead of the LK, but when I actually think about it, I should still be seeing my usual 6-7k and not 5k.

    Has anyone heard of undocumented changes?
    .-= Millea´s last blog ..Watch out, she is back! =-.

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