“Ok, last attempt guys”

What is it about those words? 2 hours of wiping on the boss.. we’ve got 10 minutes left.. so I say “Ok, last attempt guys” and BOOM we went from only getting it 75% done to getting it totally done.

Seriously, I’m thinking about using those words on every attempt.

For those who have been following along at home I’ve been kinda mum lately. Ok.. Let me ‘splain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

– We spent a month faceplanting on Festergut. We finally killed him and BOOM he’s on farm. We down him weekly with no problems.
– We spent a month faceplanting on Blood Princes. We finally killed them.. and we still struggle on them. C’est la vive.
– We spent 2-3 weeks faceplanting on Putricide. We were making no progress. Times looked dire. Attendance was at an all-time low.
– BOOM we acquired A BUNCH of new raiders. I won’t lie and say it’s all been roses.. but so far it’s working out. Like -that- [snapping fingers] Caffeine went from #86 on the server running a single ten-man each week to#32 on the server running two 10-mans and a 25-man. We’ve downed Blood Princes, Queen, Valithria. The early 10-man has gotten Sindragosa down and is starting to work on the Lich king. The late 10-man is still working on Sindragosa. We’ve gotten her down to 9%.

So.. last night it occurred to me that we are one little bony dragon away from facing the last boss of the expansion.. during that expansion. I mean WOW. Go us.

5 thoughts on ““Ok, last attempt guys”

  1. It happens with us all the time to the point where it’s become a running gag in the guild. Maybe people decide to actually *try* when they know it’s the last attempt. Just kidding, we try all the time, it just seems to sharpen everyone up a bit.
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..Progression Blues =-.

  2. For my guild, it’s our hunter calling out ‘Kill shot active’ that heralds the boss’ impending death. I’ve tried to get him to say it right off, but he refuses. Damned hunters.

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