Are you beta testing or playing a game you can’t wait to play? Me? I’m doing neither. But if you were in the beta… would you actually beta it?

I work in software engineering. My QA person sets up QA tests. It is 42 different versions of poking at the software from every angle. He tests old features to make sure we didn’t break existing functionality. He test new features to make sure they work as advertised. He does things that “real users” would never do. If you were in beta would you ACTUALLY be a -good- beta tester… if not…why should blizz give you access? Especially NDA covered access.

Just sayin’

Oh also, Blizz just announced that Blizzcon Tickets will be available for purchase on June 2 and June 5. Get your refresh buttons ready.

3 thoughts on “BETABETABETA

  1. I probably would, since I’m also in software engineering I know that beta testing is for testing not for being the first to see the sweet new content. That being said, I still rarely sign up for any betas. As much as I want to help make sure the product is ready, I prefer to see the content when it’s actually ready to be released!
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  2. I don’t and won’t sign up for a beta test. The one time I did, I got accepted. They sent me the software… and I spent about 1 hour in game before deciding it (testing, not the game) wasn’t for me.

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