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Game got boring (raiding, more raiding, raiding, more raiding, etc, etc). Guild got all blow’d up. It’s old news now. I’m over it. I took a break (well duh obviously). I lost weight and sewed some stuff and thought about why I hadn’t done that sooner. I patched my machine and realized my UI is fubar’d. I played with “soul…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

I'll be there! RT @TwistedNether: Coming to our blizzcon party? Don't forget to let everyone know you'll be there! Link: http://is.gd/fXWnl # RT @wowcynwise: Warlocks: we gem for awesome. # Lines, lines everywhere is lines… (but at least I'm here) # Yeah!! We made I it through the lines. BTW I have two badges if anyone is looking for them.…

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